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TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED [00:00:00] Diane: Hey, Hey, today's guest Meredith Kallaher is a paid traffic specialist, when she dropped a business tip at an event, we were both at, I love the simple genius behind this ad strategy. And so of course I had to have her on to walk us through it in more detail. Hey, Meredith, welcome to the [00:00:14] Meredith: Diane. I'm so pleased to be here. Thanks for having me. [00:00:17] Diane: So before we dive into this tip let's start with a bit about your business. [00:00:22] Meredith: So I started my business journey as an CPA, I'm an accountant with Pricewaterhouse Coopers. And I did that for six years. And then it was time to. To move on. And I really started my entrepreneurial journey I bought a franchise about seven years ago that advertise for locally owned businesses and they it's called the scout guide for the United States listeners. It's in 60 cities and It was super fun. It's a beautiful book that local businesses buy into and they, they buy print advertising, and then they are basically they get influencer type marketing for the year. And so I really learned social media, and sales and all that. And while I was driving around Miami, where I live selling ads and delivering books and talking to local businesses, I was listening to podcasts. I loved Amy Porterfield who introduced me to all different kinds of online businesses. I heard Rick Mulready say on her podcast that Facebook ads are all about the numbers. And I think. I like numbers and I No. social media. So I just, I thought, I think I might be really good at that and sure enough, I. Took several courses and got certified and I've been helping of small businesses, both online course creators and coaches, and my local peeps in south Florida for about 15 months. And it's been so fun. [00:01:54] Diane: So I think a lot of people are quite scared of Facebook ads, because I think once you've been in business for awhile, we've all had that experience where you thought, okay, all I need to do for this magical opt in webinar, insert freebie thing in there is just run Facebook ads to it. And I will be a bajillion there and we have all watched money funnel into. Zuckerberg party pay right. With not much to show for it. So I think people are understandably nervous about how expensive it could be, how complicated it could be. And so when I heard your ads tip it was just so. genius in its simplicity. Let us not keep everybody in suspense a minute longer. [00:02:36] Meredith: Okay. So the tip that I shared that day with Diane. If you are interested in growing your Instagram audience, You can use Facebook ads to do so. And it's not an objective that Mr. Zuckerberg set up. There are 16 objectives from what you can choose for your ad campaign? None of them are actually grow my Instagram account which is interesting because we do have business Instagram accounts and just like we have business Facebook pages, and there is an objective to grow your Facebook business page. But people aren't getting a lot of traction with their Facebook business page. Currently, so the, the trick that I shared is to such a campaign to traffic to drive traffic to your URL. For Instagram. So you can drive traffic to any website and we're just saying, Hey, Facebook send people that we target to our Instagram profile we only run the ad on Instagram stories, which you can set in your at the ad set level. You set who your audience is and you want to you'll want to pick the audience of people that you might like to follow you on Instagram. And then usually the business owner. Would I have her or him record a video? Hey, my name's Meredith Keller. I help businesses X explode their sales or expand their reach with paid traffic on my Instagram account. I like to say. Living in Miami and how hard it is to live with three teenagers, swipe up if you want to follow me . You don't have to have 10,000 followers to get the swipe up in a paid ad. And they swipe up to your profile and there it's up to them to click. So you might even want to say like when you swipe up and click the button to follow me so we can stay connected or love to hear from you and at work. I've had people get followers . To a dollar or under and these are really good. Follows so. There's robots out there that can help you get followers, but they often turn into not great followers at all, but these people you targeted with your audience of people, you wanted to see, they went from their own free, will chose to swipe up and hit follow. So we're finding these types of followers stick around. So that's the trick. [00:04:51] Diane: I think the piece that really landed it for me is because we talk about not wanting. Vanity metrics and not just, you know, wanting to try and grow our Instagram for the sake of it was that when you do want to run real traffic, this has an impact on your conversion ads. [00:05:05] Meredith: Yes for a few reasons. So in April of 2021, this this year I, we all got an, if you have an apple product, an apple iPhone, or iPad, you took the iOS 14 update or you offered. Probably still hasn't updated with it, but we were offered to get the ILS 14 update. And when we did that all. the privacy rules on every app on our phone were updated and on if you're looking at it from an as an apple user perspective, I mean, maybe a lot of people would be happy about this. We were given more control of our privacy. So. An app now has to ask us. Are you willing to be tracked? And you say yes or no. And as of, I haven't looked lately, but as of, I have been since June or July, 96% of people were opting out of tracking because it sounds like a great thing. Facebook, they relied on that, tracking that to get us as great, the ads that pertain to us. Now, your people that visit your website and your email list, if those people opt out of tracking, then you can't necessarily target them or retarget them with ads, but you can target anybody that's on platform. So you can target your Instagram followers and you can target your Facebook followers. So we realized that your organic followers actually are becoming more important. I'm not saying more important than your email list. But, this is a great way to retarget people that you've already grown a little bit of know, like, and trust with because they're your followers. [00:06:37] Diane: And if they've already come into your following, they've already seen something. I imagine Facebook normally makes it a little bit cheaper if you make it easier for them, if you go, well, here are my 10,000 people. I would like you to show the ad to that's a lot less work for [00:06:50] Meredith: Oh yeah, for sure. Then the reason it's cheaper, I think is just because yeah, Facebook doesn't have to go work to do that. Exactly. And also, you've built a little know, like, and trust with those people. So your conversion rates always higher with your warm audience. [00:07:05] Diane: I like that. How much money would you tell somebody who is just starting this particular strategy. What's a good kind of minimum level. Budget for them to think about setting this at [00:07:17] Meredith: I think I go. Minimum. 500 a month. The one reason is because unfortunately Facebook ads have gotten more expensive. When the pandemic started a ton of big business, pull it out. The cruise lines. And even I heard target, I don't know for sure who pulled out, but huge companies took their money out of Facebook for a minute. And people, smaller businesses that stayed in if they did got amazing results for tiny prices. It, so if you hear someone saying they got a lead for, I don't know, Twenty-five cents. They're not lying. They probably did, but there's no way they can do it now. You could try $10 a day, which would be 300 a month. Like I said, traffic ads aren't that expensive for this, and that's what you use for this campaign. But depending on your niche and your industry, I would I might do a little bit more and kind of play on 500, [00:08:13] Diane: great. I like that. Start to finish how to get more Instagram followers and save yourself money down the line. I like it a lot. So to wrap up, I like to ask all of my guests the same couple of questions first up. What is your number one lifestyle boundary for you? [00:08:30] Meredith: Honestly, it's exercise I love to exercise just even walk for 45 minutes or get on the Peloton, which we got during the pandemic. And I find that if I, cause I get tempted, I also love to work. So. Just like this morning, I, I had something going on and I just decided to work instead of get my walk in. But I, so it's all for me. I have to set a boundary for me. I promised myself I would rearrange my day so later I can get a walk-in because I just feel better and can make things happen. If I've been able to move my body about four days a week. [00:09:06] Diane: Yeah. We think of it as unproductive time, but actually. Very much when you get the best ideas, when things mushed together in your brain and find solutions. So I'm all for it. Okay. Finally, what is the, worst piece of cookie cutter advice you have ever been given in your business? [00:09:25] Meredith: Well I think that maybe. Getting a partner to share the workload. And that did not work out well for me because I, yeah, I just, I needed to, instead of trying to give away things that I wasn't sure how to do or shoulder things that she didn't know how to do. I would have been better off learning how to do things myself before I pass it off. To someone else and yeah, it just didn't end real well for us. So that wasn't great advice. [00:09:56] Diane: Yeah, I think that one goes with employees as well. I think people are really tempted to hire someone to do something in their business that they're, don't think they'll be good at, but then how do you know, how do you know that that person is doing a good job? How do you know that they know what you're doing? So you're trying to spread all this risk around and actually land up, like making it slightly more risky. because I think a lot of management in the entrepreneur land is abdication. It's like, I have gifted this to. I never wanted to see it again. And then you're like, how is my Facebook ads bill like 40,000 for the month? [00:10:27] Meredith: Yeah, I think better is to just start small and take one step at a time. And once you've learned how to do something, then you can outsource it smartly and easily and still manage what's going on. [00:10:39] Diane: Awesome. So where is the best place for people to connect with you on the socials? Where can they come and say [00:10:44] Meredith: Okay. Please come see me at Instagram. I love the gram I'm there and it's my name? Meredith Kallaher. I'd love to hear you guys. I love to talk about Instagram and ads. So yeah, let me know how. [00:10:55] Diane: I will definitely drop it in the show notes as well as your website. Awesome. This has been so fun. Thank you for walking me through the tip in more detail. I appreciate it. And if anybody tries this tip hit us up in the DMS and let us know how it went. Thanks so much. [00:11:12] Meredith: Thanks for having me.

Think Facebook ads are too complicated or risky in a post-IOS14 world? This simple strategy could help your business and save you money

Meredith Kallaher walks you through an Instagram ad strategy she uses with her clients to build know, like, and trust and save you money on conversions down the road.

Key Takeaway

IOS14 changed the ads landscape so while you need to be more strategic, it doesn’t need to be more complicated

We talk about

  • How the ads space has changed since the pandemic and IOS 14 update
  • The simple and effective Instagram story ad
  • The script for your video ad
  • The minimum budget to get you rolling
  • How this fits into your bigger ads strategy
  • Meredith’s lifestyle boundary for her business
  • The worst cookie-cutter advice Meredith’s been given on her business

About Meredith

Meredith Kallaher helps small business owners expand their reach and explode their sales by clearly communicating their value offers and putting them in front of the right people at the right time using Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Formerly with PricewaterhouseCoopers and then the owner of the franchise, The Scout Guide Miami, Meredith uses her analytical expertise she honed as a  CPA and her experience creating beautiful advertisements in the 80,000+ copies of The Scout Guide she published and the related influencer style social media marketing, to create powerful and beautiful digital ad campaigns that exceed her clients’ goals and make them money!

Meredith graduated with a degree in Accountancy from the University of Mississippi and now lives in Miami, Florida with her husband, 3 teenagers and new pandemic puppy Ellie.



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