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Why Your “Business Runs Without Me” Plan is not enough


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey, Hey, so this week I'm pausing my regularly scheduled batched out content because something is happening on the social medias. I keep seeing the same theme over and over and over again and I'm a little worried that people are going to buy into it. So here's the deal. If you have a plan that will allow your business to operate without you, whether that is for a two week vacation, a maternity leave, your wedding, whatever it is, that is not the same thing as having a contingency. There is this space in entrepreneur land where having your business be able to operate without you, whether that's you seeing somebody on social media talking about it, one of your mentors is talking about it, or you've read a particular book that advocates. That is not the same thing as a contingency plan. Yes. That is a fabulous start to a contingency plan, but it is not the same thing. Here's why, when people start to approach this, when you think, okay, I need to take myself out of the business. I E everything that I'm doing needs to be able to be covered in some way. What most people are looking for at that point is building the team underneath you. Right? So being able to lean heavily on your team, if you're not available, it's about having systems and processes set up so that you are ready ahead of time. Because a lot of the time, these absences, that people are talking about a planful and expected absent. That is not the same thing as having your business prepared for unexpected risks. If you've delegated a lot of responsibility for the day-to-day running of your business to other people, your rights. You being absent is not a huge risk to the business. But all of those people being absent is now a risk to the business. So what we're doing when we focus purely on how do I make the business run without me as our only kind of contingency planning is that we move the risk around rather than removing the risk. Would it also doesn't do is factor in all the other things that expose us to risk and our business, our clients, hackers, social media, reliance system, reliance, tick companies, software companies, all the things that help us run our business is spatially. If you're building a business that runs without you. Bring risk into the business. Now I'm not saying don't make a plan for a two week vacation. Don't make a plan to go on maternity leave. Don't make a plan to go on an extended honeymoon. Don't make a plan to go traveling or take your business on the road with you. That's not my point here. What I want you to understand is that even if your business can run without you, you still need to be thinking about your contingency plan about what could happen to a business and how you're going to react in the face of that. So by all means, make those plans for your business to be less reliant on you for you to be less of a roadblock for you to be less of a risk to your business. But please don't stop there. if you are ready to think about your contingency planning in a more holistic sense beyond just a short absence, I'm going to include on the show notes page a link to a master class that I've done walking you through my five P protect framework so that you can really think through each of the elements of a contingency plan and what that would need to look like for your business. It's short, simple, and really easy to implement.

Just because your business keeps on going while you take a well-needed vacay, doesn’t mean you’re not a crisis away from losing it.

Key Takeaway

when we focus purely on how do I make the business run without me as our only kind of contingency planning is that we move the risk around rather than removing the risk.

In This Episode

  • Why removing yourself from the business doesn’t reduce the risk as much as your think
  • What else should you be considering
  • How can you get started

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