I spent 15 years in corporate so that you don't have to

You're welcome!

While looking after multiple multi-eight figure businesses in Europe, Middle East, Africa and Asia Pacific, my role as business CFO consisted of:

  • Collaboration across global teams and timezones.
  • Conflicting deadlines, projects and clients.
  • Every type of plan imaginable.
  • So many meetings on strategy, numbers and teams that it's a wonder I got anything else done

I finally left all this glamour behind to take a selfie with a polar bear.

And because, well,

  • 10 days vacation – unacceptable!
  • People nagging – life’s too short...
  • Dull tasks – is it wine o’clock yet?

But here’s what all that time in corporate taught me

  • Planning is a science based on guesswork that's really an art form.
  • Business is a puzzle and, whether it's a six, seven or eight figure problem, there is a solution.
  • Ninja level prioritisation and productivity are survival skills.
  • Numbers are a tool not a taskmaster (even though you may feel stripped bare in front of me, I swear I'm only looking at your data).
  • Murphy’s law is real.  And not only will everything that can go wrong, go wrong eventually, it will also go wrong when you least expect it at the worst possible moment.

Hoping and wishing has never been a great strategy for hitting your goals or avoiding  the issues that haunt you at 3am.

So first we brainstorm, then we plan and finally we test so that you know exactlywhere you're going and that, when you hit a business bump in the road, your business shock absorbers are ready to go.


I’m Diane, a spreadsheet crazy, puzzle solving, systems nerd who re-writes 80s music into business theme songs and can make an acronym for any service you offer..

I believe:

  • Life should be an adventure.
  • Business should be fun.
  • Systems are sexy AF.
  • Numbers only tell a story not the only story
  • And spreadsheets can save your life or at least your sanity!

Always planning to make a plan?


More about me including the polar bear selfie:

  • When I was ready to quit corporate, I booked a non-refundable hellish expensive bucket list trip to far north Canada to get cosy with the a polar bear so I couldn’t chicken out. Plans work people!
  • What’s it like to work with me? When I was on my first woo woo retreat we did that strengths exercise where you ask three people to tell you honestly what they think you’re good at. My favourite answer was from a workmate that sums it up perfectly. He said, “ Diane knows her sh*t, gets sh*t done and doesn’t take sh*t.”
  • When I was living in Hong Kong, I had a spreadsheet (yes it was color coded) that planned out all the places I wanted to visit, when the good times were to go and what to see so I could immediately assess and jump on flight deals. At first, the people laughed at me and then they asked me for travel advice. My life is run on spreadsheets and post its!
  • I’m a first generation South African born and raised. Yes I can speak Afrikaans, no it’s not really strange that I look but don’t sound Irish (thanks mom) and no, my accent isn’t that strong (as I’ve since lived in the London, Hong Kong and Dublin) but it is still not Australian.
  • I have all the travel apps – and if you find one I don’t know about and love, we will have to be BFFs.