Kelsey Chapman

The Number One Lesson From Losing A Business Overnight with Kelsey Chapman

What if you woke up tomorrow and had to pivot your whole business model? Are you prepared for what that would take in terms of money, time, and energy?

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How To Reduce Your Crisis With A Plan

Being in a crisis without a plan leads to chaos and panic. Making a plan allows you to make calm and unemotional decisions. The decision is yours.

Sara Christensen

What If I Mess Up with Sara Christensen

Being “canceled” is a modern-day reality (and business risk) that can happen to anyone – including you.

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What If Thinking About What Could Go Wrong Could Make You Less Anxious?

Many people believe thinking through what could go wrong leads to anxiety but what if the opposite was true?

Ebonie Allard

What If I Get Hacked with Ebonie Allard

Ever entered your social media password and got an error message and in that split second felt your stomach drop? What if instead of a typo, you’d been locked out by a hack?

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How Prepared Are You For The Unexpected?

While we prefer not to think about the things that can go wrong, as CEOs can we really ignore them completely?