I help established entrepreneurs build a roadmap to their next big goal.

Like Google Maps for your business



The Where to Focus call is 60-minute virtual intensive where we’ll go from big picture overwhelm to knowing your next right move and immediate action


Choose between a 4 hour intensive or 8-week group program to build and customize the complete Book Yourself Solid® System for your business. 


A 5 hour 1:1 intensive experience that covers the 5 key elements of a custom business plan for a lifestyle business - Founder, Future, Fixes, Figure, and Focus


When you’re relying on your gut, you need to be sure it’s getting the right food for thought.

Leveraging more than a decade of business experience in a fast-paced banking environment spanning the globe and a vast network of experts, I help service-based entrepreneurs get clear on the next right move for their business


The Key Metric for Lifestyle Business Success

The Key Metric for Lifestyle Business Success

The most important metric in any lifestyle business is not your revenue, your costs, your profit, your margin. It's not even the number of hours you work, it's actually much more simple.

A different approach to the crisis

We are being inundated daily with ads for checklists, productivity tools and software, but what if there is something we're STILL missing? In the final panel of the Elevate Series, I jumped on a Facebook Live with Nadia Munla (NM) and Bria Anderson (BA) who are both embodiment coaches to find out how we could be using our bodies to help us navigate the Coronavirus pandemic.

What now for small businesses

We starting to adjust to the temporary new normal of isolation but what happens when this all ends? In this panel of the Elevate Series, I jumped on a Facebook Live with Amber McCue, business mentor and brick and mortar business owner, Elise Darma, Instagram marketer and agency owner and Gemma Went, business coach, to find out how they think the face of entrepreneurship could and should change as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.