I help entrepreneurs build customized, strategic plans to lifeproof their businesses.

Because real businesses build real plans for when sh*t gets real!



Are you confused by all the conflicting advice out there and how to apply it to your business, have an exciting life event coming up like a baby or a wedding that going to need you to take a step back and you want to plan for or just feel like you’re drowning a little but you can’t step back because who would do #allthethings? Break free of the overwhelm with tactical action steps.


You’d love to step back from your business and plot a new course that allowed for vacations, sick days and actual business hours but you don’t even have time to drink your coffee while it’s warm let alone think. The Strategic Action Intensive is a quarterly one to one package to build the strategic plan your business needs while factoring in your lifestyle goals as well.


Ready or not, a crisis is coming. Can you handle an unexpected absence, a client bad mouthing you publicly or your email systems going dead in a launch? By the end of this one day workshop you’ll have assessed your readiness for the next bump in the road, made plans to avoid it or reduce the impact and have a process in place that your team can follow with or without you.


What if the thing that keeps you up at night happened right now?

With more than a decade of business experience in a fast–paced banking environment spanning the globe, I help entrepreneurs life proof their businesses.