Sustainable growth happens beyond the funnel.

Sales and marketing might make you money but focusing on your profits, processes, and people is how you keep it.



When you've got one question that's keeping you stuck or staring at the ceiling all night, get a sounding board or suggestion to get you moving again.


When your business needs a tweak or a touch-up, not a full transformation. We'll deep dive into one issue and get you swiftly on your way to your time and money targets.


When you've got one big growth goal and so many options to get there, let's deep dive into your funnel and beyond to find the right lever to pull right now.


Everyone thinks their story is unique. Mine is not.

You’ve seen it in meme’s about mansplaining, women being “too emotional” or in your group chat’s weekly rant: “I’m not paid enough for this shit”. 

That was pretty much my life in a nutshell, six years ago. 

So I said the hell to another job search and set off traveling ticking off place after place, experience after experience.

Until somewhere between a good cry on my friend’s couch and a cliche trip to Bali (more crying), I created a half-assed plan to “never go back to corporate”