I help entrepreneurs build customized What If Business Plans to lifeproof their businesses.

Because real businesses build real plans for when sh*t gets real!



There is a growing trend of entrepreneurs removing themselves from the day to day, to work on the business not IN the business and to be the visionary. But just because the business isn’t reliant on you anymore, doesn’t mean it’s not exposed to risk. This one to one call will kickstart your What If Business Plan.


You have great systems. You have a sensational team. You get to take vacations. Your number two runs the business (and you) like clockwork. You’ve survived a crisis or two in your time. Ready to get some objective eyes on your business’ readiness for the next bump in the road. This one to one call assesses your plan for your business’ risks.


You hit a speed bump, something unexpected happened and you weren’t as prepared as you’d like. Maybe you got through it without a scratch or maybe you’re feeling a little bruised but what did you learn? This one to one call reviews what happened during and after your last business event and helps you set a plan in motion for next time.


What if the thing that keeps you up at night happened right now?

With more than a decade of business experience in a fast–paced banking environment spanning the globe, I help entrepreneurs life proof their businesses.