Your Goals Are Making You Unfocused


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey, Hey. So we're headed for that final month in Q2 that final month in the first half of the year. And I find that people start to. reassess goals look at where they all versus their plans, figure out what they want to do for the rest of the year. And so before you dive into that, I wanted to talk about something that I think is pretty important and that we in the entrepreneurial landscape really miss a lot of the time. so here goes. What is your priority? Notice that I said priority, not priorities. Because there can only be one, you only have one priority. if you think about where the word comes from, it comes from prior or the thing that came before the priority is the thing that comes before all others, right? They can only be one favorite. And we miss that a lot of the types. So often when I speak to people about what their goals are as an entrepreneur, I hear. Many many goals, right? I have long-term goals. Short-term goals, time goals, money goals, lifestyle goals, heck even relationship goals, team goals. But as the saying goes, you can only ride one horse with one, but right. So how are you thinking about what to prioritize in your business? And when we think about a more lifestyle business, you have two options. There isn't this balance. People think like a lifestyle business is about balancing time and money, and it's less about balancing time and money than it is about prioritizing time or money. It doesn't mean you can't have both. It just means you have to figure out which one you want to hit first. So I want to make six figures and I want to work four days a week. Which of those is more important to you? Which of those is your favorite? Which of those gets your focus first? I think in our post pandemic world, everybody wants everything at the same time with equal importance. And what happens when you split your focus across multiple quote unquote priorities is none of them get the focus that they deserve. It's going to take you longer to try to hit two goals simultaneously. Then it would do to hit one goal and then work out how to deliver the other goal. Now, I'm not saying that you completely forget about what your next set of goals are. You want to make sure that you're still moving in that direction as you start to achieve, leave that first goal. But if you are both trying to cut your hours and make more money, everything is going to be more complicated. You are going to be trying to launch something new potentially while onboarding team members. You are going to potentially be launching new offers while also trying to backfill the systems that work for them. You're going to lose some of that natural, slower progression that allows you to see how something can develop to support the first goal. And then the second goal. And then the third goal. So before you dive into looking at what your plans are and how you need to adjust them for the second half of the year, I want you to take a really deep breath. And I want you to think about what do you want first? What is your priority? And then I want you to build your plan for that.

Goal setting is great for creating direction but multiple goals create a lack of focus. Set your priority instead.

Key Takeaway

You can have everything you want in your business but you have to build by focusing on one thing at a time.

In This Episode

  • Goals v priorities
  • How to determine your priority
  • The question to ask yourself for the rest of 2021