Coffee and Converse is for lifestyle entrepreneurs who are over the trendy tactics and ready for successful strategies to fast track their business and lifestyle goals.

Hear from successful lifestyle entrepreneurs revealing their best strategies on all things business models, metrics, and making business work for them. We’ll deep dive into future-proofing and planning, focusing on the most impactful moves and the foundational fixes that most businesses need and miss.

If you’re building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business, this is the show for you.



So dang good

I could listen to Diane’s voice all day!!! Love this podcast, can’t wait to hear more ♥️🧠

SweatyWisdom from the United States


It’s Already Eye-Opening Just One Episode In!

I absolutely hate traveling and being fake, which is why I never wanted a lifestyle business.

But you explained a lifestyle image in a way that is relatable to me.

I can look at entrepreneurship with a fresh outlook now 🙂

Aishazg02 from the United States


Fresh Perspective

Love this fresh perspective on creating a lifestyle business. Great so far, can’t wait to hear more!

Madam ZoZo from the United States


Great Insights on Lifestyle Businesses

Diane offers great insight & solid strategy for running a profitable location-independent or freedom-focused business.

peanut78 from the United States


I don’t want to work 15 hour days anymore!

I love the tone of the show, and really can’t wait to learn how to have a job that better fits the lifestyle that I want.

CC_Babi from the United States