Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Making December Work For You By Design Not Default

If you’re slowing down for December, ask yourself if you defaulted to that or if you designed it that way. They are not the same thing.

Coffee+ Converse With Kylie Hodges

How To Embrace Imperfection For Bigger Impact And More Profit With Kylie Hodges

In the entrepreneur world, we can wear perfectionism as a badge of honor but our “high standards” are keeping us from big impact and big profit.

Coffee+ Converse With Sadie Prestridge

Before You Hire A(nother) VA You Might Want To Try An Agency With Sadie Prestridge

If you’re thinking of adding a team member in 2023, take a moment to ask yourself what the role is right now, what it could grow into, and who will cover for vacations, illness, and unexpected absences.

Jaclyn Mellone

The Power Of Podcast Ad And Sponsorship With Jaclyn Mellone

If your current paid traffic results have dropped off a cliff, your account’s been locked for no reason or you’re looking to diversify, podcast ads might be just what you need.

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The Dangers Of Decision Fatigue

Decision season is upon us from how to hit those goals before year end to holiday planning and gift selection. Decision fatigue is inevitable