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How To Improve Your Plan With External Insights


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED [00:00:00] Hey, Hey, we are continuing on with our planning theme for October and today. I want to chat to you about. Stepping outside of your process a little bit. And what I mean by this I was getting some other perspectives on what you're thinking about doing. Because have you ever been in one of those moments where you have this idea, you can see it. So clearly you've practically built the funnel before you realize that actually. This is one key piece. That's just not really going to work for your business. Well, you build the thing, you sell the thing, and then you realize, oh, I really don't want to deliver the thing. When we get stuck into a particular project or even into our like usual way of doing things. We can get a bit of tunnel vision to making sure that you have some outside perspective can really help expand your view as you go into your planning process. And it can help you in a few different ways. First of all, I can just give you some validation of what you intend to do the direction you're going in, or even a particular decision that you've had to make in your planning process. Now, this doesn't mean that you have to outsource your final decision to anyone, but if you get a couple of different perspectives and they're on track with you, it can help you feel like you're on the right path, help you commit and help you drive the business in that direction. On the other hand often when we talk to somebody external, they can see the risks that we can't see. This is my favorite thing to do. My business buddy is tend to land up in my boxer to tell me their idea, because one of my secret skills is being able to see 10 steps down the line. And where things might not fit with what I know about them. And what I know about their business. Sometimes we're just too excited about our own idea that we can't see where it might be introducing risk into our business. At the same time, the right kind of external input can uncover something that you haven't seen an opportunity to go bigger. Or wider. Or be more daring. And I know that you're probably thinking, well, I have a team, I run my plan, pass my [00:02:00] team. So surely that counts for me for getting an external perspective. I'm going to say no, because of two different things. Number one. You're their boss. If you come in super excited about an idea that you've already like mentally implemented. It's very hard to ask someone who is financially rely on genu. To stand up and tell you the reasons that they don't think it will work. If you came in neutral, you've got a better chance. But the problem is, is when we get super excited, we're anything but neutral. The other reason. Is that within our own team and within our own organization. We can have a bit of group think going on. Right where one person says something and everyone goes, oh my gosh, that's the best idea ever. And no one kind of steps back and goes, well, wait, are there other options? So we want to involve your team in the planning process, but we also want to make sure we go bigger than that. So that we don't miss anything. And finally, a big reason for going external forgetting some other input into your plan. Is that they may have other ideas on how you could implement something. So it's not just the idea that you can get help on, but you can actually get some ideas on what that could look like. In the execution phase. They might have a different idea for resources that you can use or tools or strategies or. The type of team member that you'll need to be able to implement it. Maybe in a way that you have never thought of that can take a good idea and turn it into a great idea. So as you start planning, you want to think about getting some external input so you can get some broader perspective. You can get some validation for any ideas or decisions you're feeling a bit iffy about. You can spot the risks that might be coming so that you can mitigate them. You can uncover any little hidden gems that are lurking in your idea. And you can avoid having that group think moment within your own team. And find me that you might discover a better. Maybe more profitable way to do the thing that you're planning on. Now there is a caveat to this external advice. You need to [00:04:00] understand where that advice is coming from. Not all advice is created equal. What you're looking for is advice from people with the expertise or experience in the particular area that you're considering. This is going to make sure that you're getting the best. And most up-to-date advice possible. What you don't want is to be basing your decisions on any kind of misinformation or misunderstanding, or like the latest tech talk trend . You're looking for advice that's based on sound business principles. Because if you don't. You're potentially relying on advice. That's going to take you time, potentially cost you money to implement tweak customized to your particular business. Without any real assurance that it's going to work out. Whereas, if you're listening to someone with that expertise or experience, you know, that they have made those mistakes for you. So you're going to get a better result and you're going to get it quicker than they did. I think it's also really important to understand that your business is a complex entity. No matter how simple you make it, everything is interconnected. So if you're making a decision on sales, it has an impact on operations. It has an impact on your team. It has an impact on your marketing. And when you're getting advice from let's say one of your biz besties, who's kind of appear for you. They may only have exposure to their business in this particular area. And they might not see the nuance. Of your business and therefore they might unintentionally not give you the best advice. So what we want to make sure that we're doing is that first we're getting that external perspective. And we want to think about where we're getting that perspective from the experience and the expertise of the person giving it. And we want to think about that in relation to the question that you have. If you're asking about sales, you don't necessarily want to be talking to a team's expert. And vice versa. And finally, what I want you to remember is for all the external perspectives that you get, you get to discern what is right for [00:06:00] you, what is right for your business and what you want to plan for and implement in 2024. At the end of the day, getting external advice is designed to help you make the best decision you can possibly make in your business. It's not about making that decision for you. As you can see, this is not necessarily the easiest part of the planning process. It can be time-consuming and it can be costly. To get the level of input that you need for your plan. Now I am luckily blessed with some amazing best buddies who are experts in all different parts of the business. So I've asked all of those experts to come and share their strategies. For 2024, we've got sales strategies and marketing strategies to make you more money. We've got team and operations strategies to help you keep more money in 2020 full. And we're bringing it all together. And a really easy listen on the go audio format. It all drops on the 30th of October. And you get to keep unlimited access to it so you can come back and listen to it. Over and over again, as you're making a plan, as you discern, which of those strategies you want to implement in your business? So head to Diane forward slash more M O R E or to the link in the show notes Everything drops the 30th of October come and join us for free. I've already been editing the submissions and I can't wait for you to hear and implement these strategies. So head to Diane forward slash Moore, M O R E. To join us in the make more and keep more summit it will land in your headphones. On the 30th of October.

Sometimes we can get tunnel vision in our excitement about a new idea for next year and getting an objective perspective can help you turn a good idea into a great one.

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  • Why you need to get external input on your planning process
  • Why your team is only part of the picture
  • Where to source this input
  • The key thing to remember with this (and any) advice you get

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