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Do You Need More Time Or More Intention


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED [00:00:00] Hey, Hey, well, I went to say, this is the last episode of January and realize it's actually the first episode of February and that is both. Terrifying that it's already February and super exciting because I had been keeping a secret from you that I wanted to talk to you about in February, which means I get to tell you all about it today. But more on that later. Today, I want to chat about this. Belief. That I think we have around. The amount of time it takes to do good work. When I talk to CEOs about strategy , I often get, yes, I need to go off on a two day retreat and determine my plan, or I need several focused hours to build on something. And while I don't disagree with that, I do think there. Is no substitute for periods of deep work, where you get into flow, where you can see all the connections between things. I think if that's not feasible, we still have to find a way to do the things. We need to find a way to be effective in small increments. I'm always amazed at how effective, my friends who have businesses or jobs and our moms are at managing their time. They can get more done in five minutes. Then the rest of us can get done in five hours. Because they know that they only have those five minutes and they make them work. So rather than scrolling Instagram or Tik TOK for those five minutes. They use those five minutes to the greatest efficiency possible. To the highest value. Task or decision that needs to be made in that moment. And we need to get better at that in our businesses because everybody today is busy. You have a life. You have your business. And then within that business, you have all the demands on your time. All the clients who want your attention. All the team members who need your [00:02:00] help. All the, just things you have to do to keep the business running. And so it can be tempting to say I'm too busy and I'm going to put that off. Especially for things that are considered maybe a nice to have like a strategy. Sure everybody has some kind of annual plan, but often that annual plan is just, I want to make X amount of money by the end of the year. And I'll probably launch in September. That's the sum total of an annual plan. Whereas a strategy is bigger and even more involved. And potentially more overwhelming. So the urge to push that too, when I have a solid eight hours is great. But what if that solid eight hours never comes. I'm very aware of this conversation. It's one that I have a lot. I just don't have enough time. I wanted to think that one through, but I didn't have enough time. So I just had to make the decision in the moment. I wish I had been better prepared for this or that. . And then X, Y, Z wouldn't have happened. We've all said it. So I wanted to turn strategy from something that is completely overwhelming and feels like an eight hour task. Into a cymbal five minute bite. That you can fit in every single day. So on the 1st of March coffee and converse is becoming the five minutes data, just to show where we turned strategic, thinking into a daily practice. Instead of an overwhelming one-off task. And just five minutes a day. I'm going to give you one thought provoking question. That's designed to challenge you and inspire you and get you thinking strategically. About your business, about your role in your business? About growing your business sustainably. In a way that can just fit into your daily routine. But that makes sure that you are stepping into that strategic thought. Every day. So your business's strategy develops efficiently. But also effectively. In those incremental pieces. Almost in a way that you don't even notice it's happening. I'm very excited about this new show. And I'm going to tell you more about the format as we go through February. But for now, have a look at your day. [00:04:00] Find that five minutes. That you can invest in strategic thought. Maybe it's when you're out for your walk, maybe it's while you're making your coffee. Maybe it's first thing in the morning when you wake up. And see if you can find five minutes a day to transform the way you think about your business leadership and growth.

There will never be enough time for everything in our lives and businesses so we need to find a different solution.

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  • How small increments make big impacts
  • How the time crunch wins
  • The secret is out


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