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Beware Of The End Of Year Hype


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED [00:00:00] Hey, Hey, so this week I wanted to have a chat to you about this time of year and a couple of things that I see happening that you might want to pay attention to in your decisions around your business So we're kind of coming to that. End of quote unquote launch season. That we see happening. And we're starting to roll towards black Friday. So the first thing I want you to think about, we've talked a lot about planning. And your goals. And what your business might need in 2024. What I really want to encourage you to do the same way we talked about in planning. You want to think about your decisions while your non-emotional. I want you to think about what kind of support you need in 2024 when you are in that? Calm state of mind, deciding that you need to spend a lot of money on black Friday for something you've never thought about buying before. Is probably a sign of you. Being excited by the marketing or the sales pitch rather than making the decision based on what is it that my business needs. So taking all the work that we've done in planning. Thinking about what you prioritized and then thinking, is there something, is there a gap that I need to fill? So maybe your priority for Q1 is marketing and you've decided you want to add paid traffic. . When you then see something on offer and black Friday or as a launch special. At this time of year, you can start to think. Well, does that help me with my paid traffic goal? If it does, you can start to make a better decision about it, or even better. You can sit down and go. I'm going to do paid traffic. Where am I focusing? Am I focusing Facebook ads, Google ads. What do I want to do for paid traffic? And then say, okay, I'm actively going to look at what is the best. Solution to my problem. And if that goes on sale in black Friday, Great. Right. You want to take the emotion out of it? You want to make a decision that's based on what your business needs, not on the hype in the moment. The second thing I want you to think about at this time of year. Is. We often see [00:02:00] two different messages coming out. The one is like, push, push, push. You've got whatever it is, 50 days left of the year. X number of days till Christmas. So many days left of the, uh, you get that kind of push mentality will you feel like you need to still achieve something by the end of the year? Right? So, this is just a reminder that you don't have investors. You don't have an official year end where you have to pay out dividends or anything. The end of the year is a fictional deadline. Right? So if you had big goals, You. All means you still have time to hit them. And if you want to push. Go for it. You do still have 50 something days left of the year. Right. There's plenty of time for you to hit those goals. However. If you are coming into November and you're feeling drained and you're feeling exhausted and you're feeling rundown. You need to ask yourself whether it is better to take a moment now. To rest and recover. And prepare for next year. Or to push, push, push. And to then potentially burn out in January or February. Both of these are completely valid options for the rest of the year. If you want to push, push, if you need to rest. Rest. Now the problem is, is we as humans, we kind of want other people to validate our decisions. So what you start to see on social media at this time of year is the people who are pushing because they want to hit a big goal or whatever, and they feel that they need to push. They want everybody else to push to. To validate that it's okay for them to be working. Right up until. 11:00 PM on Christmas Eve and then between Christmas and new year. But you need to be able to distance yourself from that and make that decision for yourself. Not because somebody else is telling you, you need to push, but because you feel ready to push you feel like it's what your business needs. I feel like what you want to be doing in the moment. On the other hand, people who are in the wrist camp all the same way. If [00:04:00] they're resting, they don't want to watch everybody else pushing and then making them feel guilty about the fact that their race state. This is much raced. Social media posting that happens as well. People will talk about how they're not going to work after Christmas, or it's the last day in the office on whatever day. Or. They're they're finished selling for the year or they're taking time to rest and recover, which is great. If you need to raced, you should raced. However, if you want to push. Don't be guilted by somebody else wanting to rest. It's this weird moment where I feel like in one year, People are shouting, push, push, push, push, push, and then the other people are shouting. Rest, rest, rest, rest, rest. Only, you know, what your business needs in this moment. And that goes for rest or push, but that also goes for what are you buying in these last moments? Where are you going to get sucked into black Friday? Where are you going to get sucked into? Quickly spend everything before your tax year end on the 31st of December. And then it counts as this year's expense and not next. Year's This is the time of year. We, you have to be. Really keyed into what you need, what your business needs, what your team needs, what your family needs. And to make decisions based on that, not make decisions based on the hype.

This time of year can be filled with opportunity or filled with bad decisions – you choose.

In This Episode

  • The decision you need to make now to save yourself time and money down the line
  • The decision only you can (and must) make before someone make its for you
  • How to listen to yourself instead of the hype


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