Cathlyn Melvin

The One Question Your Copy Must Answer For Every Prospect With Cathlyn Melvin

When you pour hours into copy or content and it doesn’t seem to land, it can be as bewildering as it is frustrating that your message isn’t being heard.

Lisa Simone Richards

How To Craft The Perfect Podcast Pitch With Lisa Simone Richards

If you’re ready for more people to know about you, your message, or your business, pitching opportunities in front of other people’s audiences has the biggest bang for your time buck.

Dama Jue

How To Increase Your Conversions By Optimizing Your Checkout With Dama Jue

Is your checkout page the last item on your launch checkout? An afterthought to your gorgeous sales page and clever emails? Time to think again

Erin Lindstrom

How To Discern What Advice Is Right For You and Your Business With Erin Lindstrom

Have you ever been in a group program or working with a coach and something felt off? Maybe it wasn’t you or your limiting beliefs that were wrong but the environment that was wrong for you.

Kaye Putnam

How To Build A Brand That’s 100% You With Kaye Putnam

Branding has become synonymous with pretty Instagram feeds and the colors and fonts we use but your brand is something much deeper and more valuable.

Jyotsna Ramachandran

How To Use A Book As Your Lead Magnet (Even If You Don’t Want To Write It) with Jyotsna Ramachandran

If sitting down to write a blog feels like hard work, the thought of 30 000 words – the average length of an expert book – might seem impossible but what if it could be simpler than your think?