Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Autumn Witt Boyd Header

How To Create A Legal Plan To Cover Your Business Risks With Autumn Witt Boyd

Legal is intimidating unless you’re a lawyer so who better than a lawyer to make it feel simple and straightforward so we can get it covered and get back to our less scary zone of genius?

Coffee+ Converse With Dina Berhman

How To Leverage A Multi-Author Book In Your Business With Dina Behrman

If you have dreams of being an author but can’t imagine finding the time or energy to write one or have no idea where to start, a multi-author book is just what you need.

Laura Berman Fortgang header

Becoming An A-Lister In Your Field With Laura Berman Fortgang

If you’re more interested in doing the work than selling the work but you still have to eat so… This might be the solution you’ve been looking for

Erin Austn Header

How To Create Saleable Assets With Your IP With Erin Austin

If you've never considered your exit strategy or you just thought you'd let it happen “naturally”, get ready for a different perspective.

Christine McShane

How To Start A Conversation With Content With Christine McShane

If you've ever felt overwhelmed and frustrated with content creation, this take on it might change your mind.