Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Start With Why But Don't Forget Who, What, Where, and When

Your why is important but when you focus too much on it, you can build a business that only serves that and forgets all about you.

Amanda Muhammed

How To Create Simplicity And Ease In Your Business with Amanda Muhammad

Are you still searching for that elusive balance between pushing hard in your business and getting enough downtime to recover so that you show up at your best?

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The Most Important Part Of Saying No

We all need to say no in our business but the scripts you’re carefully learning are way less important than this part of the no.

Jessi Beyer

How to Take Your Book from Idea to Published With Jessi Beyer

Everywhere you look an entrepreneur is launching their book and, while that seems like a great idea, you never find the time or motivation to actually put fingers to keyboard. What if it’s way simpler than you think to write a real book than you ever imagined?

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Your Goals Are Making You Unfocused

Goal setting is great for creating direction but multiple goals create a lack of focus. Set your priority instead.