Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Melissa Guller Header

The Truth About Starting A Podcast With Melissa Guller

So you think you want a podcast but you’re worried about the workload, hitting record, and whether it’s all worth it?

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Stop Setting and Chasing Annual Goals

We’ve taken on annual goal-setting from big business but for most small businesses, it’s a waste of time.

Linda Sidhu

How To Make Your Quiz More Than A Lead Generator With Linda Sidhu

A quiz is more than a simple scroll stopper if you know how to use it as the powerful tool it was meant to be.

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Do You Have A Sales Problem Or Is It An Offer Problem?

Sales is a value exchange but you need more than money to make your side feel good.

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How To Use PR Principles Everywhere In Your Business with Renée Warren

We’ve become obsessed with reach and leverage and tech that we’ve forgotten some business fundamentals like there’s a person behind the account you’re trying to reach.