I help successful, overworked entrepreneurs build strategic plans to lifeproof their businesses.



When you’re ready to build more than a business, you need a different kind of support. A movement, legacy or “real” company cannot be built alone.

And, while experts are great, some months you need a ton of financial know how, other months it’s all about systems and sometimes you need a marketing pro to guide you. And those business experts who promise to deliver on everything…well, you know what they say about jack of all trades!

And the problem with group programs is you’re:

  • Not quite sure who you’re getting advice from in most masterminds
  • Always buying some piece of the program you just don’t need or want
  • Never certain that someone won’t “borrow” your idea and run with it
  • Often the smartest person in the room so you give more than you gain


I believe that the support you need is as unique as you and your business. So there are no cookie cutter programs or course over here. Instead I’m flipping support on its head and bringing together the experts you need to focus on just you and your plans.

You’ll get:

  • To call on your different departments for help just like a big company CEO
  • To be the center of attention – no buzzers, Facebook groups or “pick your brain” requests to distract from your goals
  • Structured support around your goals
  • Detailed records for you to refer back to


If you are reading this and think I might be the structured Yang to your visionary Yin, are you also:

  • An established business already bringing in clients and revenue
  • Excited to help shape this new model of support for entrepreneur CEOs
  • Have an idea of what the next few months look like in terms of projects and goals.

If you said HECK YEAH to all of these, then I’d love to talk to you about this new support model!