Hope is not a strategy that a real business uses.


What if you woke up today and:

  • You were struck down with a diabolical tummy bug and unable to move let alone work?
  • There was an email from you best team member telling you she was moving to Timbuktu tomorrow?
  • Your phone was blowing up with missed calls from clients who had all been double billed over night?
  • Your daughter told you her soccer game got moved to today and she forgot to tell you?
  • The main wifi doodad for your area got struck by lightning overnight and there is not internet?
  • You logged on to facebook or Instagram or Pinterest and everything was gone?

How prepared would you be?

In the climate of "you have to believe it to achieve it" and "leap and the net will appear", we seem to be afraid to face up to the reality that sh*t hits the fan sooner or later.

We rely on hoping that it doesn't happen as a strategy instead of acting like the strong, capable, talented entrepreneurs that we are and making a damn plan!

Your business is a unique mix of your product or service and you and your team and your location and your clients and all your other variables. A What If that someone else deems immaterial to their biz could flatten yours. So there is no one size fits all here.

You can have the best team and the best systems running your business like clockwork for you but sh*t still happens.

So let's make a real plan for when life and biz get real.



In the first session we cover:


Discuss what a crisis looks like in your business


Brainstorm possible crises for your business


Decide what to include in the plan based on likely impact

This is where the decisions are made on what needs to be covered by the what-if plan so both the visionary and the integrator (if there is one) should be included.

In the second session we cover:


Define a response to each crisis so that you are not making emotional decisions in the moment of crisis


Design the plan itself – from format and access to where does it sit in your systems


Discuss what to do during and after a crisis so that your plan evolves as your business grows.

This is an implementation day so, as long as there is agreement on day one,  the visionary can delegate to the integrator if they choose.



This 1 to 1 workshop can be booked at any time and includes 4 weeks implementation support afterward via email/messenger. Price is per business and covers both the visionary and integrator attending.

This is for:

  • Entrepreneurs who have invested time and money to create a successful business but may not have considered how they should protect it.
  • Their integrator or senior level OBM who acts as the entrepreneur’s right hand. They should be included in the workshop for their perspective and to manage the implementation.

This is not for:

  • New businesses still building out their product suites and funnels.
  • Solopreneurs without a team supporting them yet. If this is you drop me an email on diane@dianemayor.com to apply for a beta offering.
Heather Craik

Diane helped me get out of my own way and get things moving. Her tweaking of my plans made sure I wasn’t accidentally blowing things up.



Diane’s a great problem solver. Having her prospective is extremely helpful at poking holes in ideas, refining and validating!



This sounds great but why would it be a priority for me now?

There are only three things in life that are certain - death, taxes and that a crisis is coming in some shape or form.

That is not to say you couldn’t handle whatever is lurking down the road but in the initial panic and stress of something going wrong, we tend to make emotional or fear based decisions which can create a longer crisis or increase it’s impact financially.

Most entrepreneurs who have survived a crisis, have still not made a plan in case it happens again. This is usually because afterwards you and your team are to exhausted and too behind on the day to day work to have the time or capacity to step back.

Do you offer refunds?

A non-refundable deposit is payable upfront to reserve your spot. The remainder is due one week before the workshop and once paid it is non-refundable.

Still got questions?

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What if the thing that keeps you up at night happened right now?