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Build a Team, They Said. It'll Be Easy, They Said... Let's Prove THEM Right!

Turn stress into success and propel your business forward without adding another item to your endless to-do list.

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I get it...

  • Some days the leader you show up as is not the leader you dream of being, yet you're shouldering the weight of your entire business and there's no time to pause.
  • You've caught yourself wondering why your team seems to have missed the memo on your priorities.
  • You'd invest in your team's happiness in a heartbeat, but sometimes, making payroll feels like climbing Everest.
  • Between client calls, marketing, and the school run, that all-important 'team building' task never quite gets ticked off.
  • When you finally get a breather, building a better culture and boosting team happiness feels like trying to solve a Rubik's cube in the dark.

Ever tried a trust fall on Zoom? 1/10, do not recommend.

Now imagine...

  • Your team passionately rowing in the same direction, working tirelessly towards shared goals and priorities.
  • Investing in your team's happiness and the ROI that feels like finding a surprise $20 in your old jeans pocket.
  • Showing up every day as the inspiring leader you've always aspired to be, feeling the full support of your team.
  • A team that feels close-knit and engaged, regardless of the physical distance.
  • Team issues being proactively handled, freeing up your time to focus on growth and strategy

Imagine being able to bring out the best in your people because you understand them deeply.



The THRIVE Strategy

A framework where data meets empathy, and intangible team dynamics become actionable insights and practical strategies.



Assess your team's well-being to set the baseline for team health and happiness and highlight areas to investigate.


Create a clear picture of the CEO's vision to shape an inspiring and efficient company culture through an asynchronous interview.


Enhance team connection through interactive exercises that also provide insights into the existing work culture.


Get clear on individual aspirations and challenges, while adding color to our picture of the work environment with one-to-one interviews


See a clear path forward with a detailed report featuring actionable steps to enhance your work culture and team happiness.


Embark on the transformational journey to create an environment where your team doesn't just survive, they thrive!

Investment from: $10,000


"As a CEO, you don't always get the full picture of your team's feelings. The power dynamics can get in the way. That's why an external perspective, like the one offered by THRIVE, is so valuable.

It gave me the high-level data I need without me having to get into the thick of things. Having an outside perspective really helps shape the next phase of the team.

If you want straightforward insights and an intimate understanding of your team, this is the way to go."


  • Increased Productivity: The plan could turn your team into a well-oiled machine, churning out results like clockwork.
  • Happier Clients: A happy team creates happy clients. Prepare for glowing testimonials and increased referrals.
  • Lower Turnover Rates: When a team feels valued and invested in, they stick around. Say goodbye to frequent hiring.
  • Bigger Profits: A cohesive, productive, and happy team directly contributes to your bottom line.
  • A Boost in Morale: Watch as the spirit of your team soars higher than ever before, as the newfound energy permeates every Zoom call.
  • Fewer Headaches: Say goodbye to endless problem-solving and conflict resolution. Your team will be handling things proactively.
  • More Time: More time for strategy, for growth, for personal development, or hey, even for that Netflix show you've been meaning to catch up on.

Proceed with caution: May cause extreme satisfaction and unexpected bouts of joy.

Investment from: $10,000


The team session showed me I wasn't alone in what I was feeling. Working remotely is awesome, but it can be isolating. It was a great way to get everyone on the same page and be open and honest in a safe place. And the 1:1 session gave me space to work through my personal feelings and challenges with someone who truly understands our business."

"The team session provided bonding, insight, and relief. I found out that I wasn't alone in my opinions, ideas, and feelings. Diane’s objective perspective is a breath of fresh air, providing support and insightful ideas in the 1:1 session as well.”

"The team session offered invaluable insight into my teammates' views on our company culture. It was incredible to have space held for us to communicate openly. In the 1:1, Diane provided a neutral sounding board who understands the business, listens well, and has insightful solutions to try. “

The THRIVE Process


    On Monday, we'll kick things off with a swift, easy-to-complete assessment. You'll receive a link, complete with an explanatory video that clarifies the process and guarantees confidentiality. This quick 3-minute task sets the stage for the week, providing an unbiased baseline for the journey ahead. It's all about maximum insights with minimal time commitment.


    This isn't your usual team meeting. On Tuesday, we'll host a vibrant, interactive 2-hour team session. Together, we'll create a culture map of your business. The best part? The CEO gets a hall pass! This allows your team to be open, candid, and feel safe sharing their insights.


    I haven't forgotten about you, CEO! On the same day, we'll host an asynchronous interview designed to accommodate your busy schedule. We're eager to understand your vision, concerns, and aspirations for the business culture. Whether you choose to answer all at once or spread it out over a couple of days, it's all designed to limit your time while maximizing insights.

  • DAY 3 and 4 - TEAM 1:1 SESSIONS

    These aren't your typical interviews. Over two days, we'll connect with your team members individually for an enlightening 30-minute session. The first half delves deeper into the business environment while the latter half focuses on laser-targeted coaching. This helps address any roadblocks and paves the way for a more harmonious workplace.


    While you and your team enjoy a well-deserved rest on Friday, I'll be busy making sense of all the information gathered. I'll dig into patterns, trends, and responses to highlight the bright spots and diagnose any areas needing attention. From there, I'll create a custom 90-day plan of action specifically designed for your team's success. You've done your part; now, it's my turn to deliver.


    After a restful weekend, we'll regroup on Monday for the big reveal! In a 60-minute session, I'll present the comprehensive report to the CEO. You'll see a clear picture of what's working, what needs attention, and your personalized roadmap to a thriving team.

Investment from: $10,000


THRIVE is suitable for:

  • Jugglers already maxed out the demands of running a small business looking to hand off a ball not pick up another one
  • Visionaries looking to make their team and your company culture dreams a reality
  • Connectors aiming to build a team so tight-knit they could finish each other's sentences
  • Problem-Solvers who love a good challenge but find team stuff more complex (and frustrating) than a puzzle box


  • You're Allergic to Teamwork: If the thought of collaborative efforts makes you break out in hives, THRIVE may not be your antidote.
  • You've Had a Past Reaction to Flexibility: If you stiffen at the thought of anything other than 'my way or the highway', THRIVE may not be your relaxant.
  • You're on a Strict Financial Diet: If you view team happiness as a frivolous expense rather than a vital nutrient, THRIVE may not fit into your financial health plan.
  • You Suffer from Time-Scarcity Syndrome: If the mere idea of investing time into your team's well-being makes your schedule break out in a sweat, THRIVE may not be your time management tonic."

Please consult your business strategist if you're experiencing symptoms of an underperforming team.

Investment from: $10,000

Hello there, happiness hunter! I'm a former corporate high-flier turned team happiness champion. I left the world of finance to explore the globe and found a passion for team dynamics along the way.

Once upon a time, I managed multi-eight-figure businesses, battled deadlines, juggled business plans, and navigated strategic meetings. What I learned in my corporate years:

  • Planning is a beautiful, complex art form.
  • Business is a puzzle with a solution waiting to be found.
  • A team can make or break your business.
  • Numbers are just tools; they're not your ruler.
  • Murphy's law is real. Brace for impact!

Fast forward to today, after an MBA in Organizational Happiness and countless hours of study, assignments, and real-life experiments, I've crafted a unique offer to help you elevate your team's health and happiness.


I'm Diane, your spreadsheet-obsessed, system-loving, 80's song-reviving guide. I'm here to tell you that systems are sexy, numbers tell stories and teams... well, for better or worse, they can change your entire business!



  • Deep dive survey for the whole team
  • A 2 hour interactive team session to map out the current culture
  • An asynchronous interview with the CEO
  • 30 minute one-to-one session for each team member including some laser coaching
  • 60 minute CEO sessions to deliver and discuss the finding
  • A detailed report on the diagnosis and suggested next steps

Investment from: $10,000