Your business baby turned into a business toddler with an extreme case of separation anxiety and is now heading for the terrible twos.

And while you try to wrangle it, your most valuable team member is threatening to quit, your husband no longer even tries to plan coffee let alone date night and last night your dog growled at you like a stranger.


You’d love to step back from the business and plot a new course that allowed for vacations, sick days and actual business hours but you don’t even have time to drink your coffee while it’s warm let alone think.


The Strategic Action Intensive is a quarterly one to one package to build the strategic plan your business needs.

After working with me:

  • You book a surprise weekend for two to a romantic bucket list destination and enjoy the shocked look on your husband’s face.
  • A client emails you to tell you how much they valued the project you just delivered and you realise you barely touched it.
  • You end a launch and realise you had fun because your team handled all the admin seamlessly.
  • You fire those high maintenance clients who have been dragging you down because you’ve added new income streams and raised prices.
  • You get a hobby, started sleeping again and are considering adding yogi to your social media profiles.
  • You’re the dog’s favourite again.

“Diane does an amazing job of taking your ideas, making them better.”

Sami Bedell-Mulhern

“Diane is whip smart, has a good eye, and a knack for simplifying your business. She'll give you the clarity you're craving while bringing lots of humor to the task at hand.”

Jessie Kuehn

What happens next:

  • Click the book button and you’ll go straight to my calendar in Acuity to book an optional kick off call to make sure we’re a great fit.
  • You sign up, pay, fill out the questionnaire and book your first intensive and your two board meetings in Acuity.
  • We’ll meet face to face each time on zoom.

Investment: $2997


I'm here to help you get (the right) sh*t done!

I’m Diane and I spent over a decade in a fast paced investment bank working behind the scenes in global teams on planning, forecasting, projects, new product approvals and operations so you don’t have to.

Want to know the latest industry whisperings? I’ve heard them at the conference I just went to (trust me I am always just back from one #eventho).

Need a new tactic? Here’s a podcast that covers it.

Dreaming of a team member, advisor or podcast guest? Let me introduce you to my network.

“My biggest takeaway - that it’s okay to ask for help and the half a notebook of notes I took”

Kira Rudjen

“Diane is bursting with energy and awesome ideas for your business. She isn't afraid to call you out if you're playing small.”

Katie Williamsen


You and I should talk if:

  • You run an online service based business
  • Your business is up and running and you know what your secret sauce is.
  • You want someone who gets your vision but who is also able to offer objective insight into what it needs to succeed.

Fair warning though, I’m probably not your cup of tea if you’re highly sensitive to constructive feedback, horrified by bad language or think business is no laughing matter.

You get:

  • 1 four hour intensive to build a 90 day strategic plan
  • 2 follow up board meetings to reviewyour progress and tweak plans
  • Unlimited email support between calls.
  • Weekly progress email check ins.

Investment: $2997



I have a revenue plan, do I still need this?

That’s a great start! Now we need to see if it fits with your lifestyle goals, where the resources are coming from (like time and money and team) and the how of it all aka the implementation plan.

Why do you do intensives instead of weekly calls?

When you’re doing CEO work, I believe momentum is your friend. Getting to see the whole picture and how it links together is key to avoiding wasted effort or needing to re do parts of the puzzle and you can’t get there in an hour.

Weekly business coaching is great for accountability (I’ll handle that by email – just as effective but saves you time and lets you fit it in when it suits you) and mindset work (if this is something you need to tackle I can recommend some great mindset coaches) but the stop start nature doesn’t allow for the same level of depth of analysis or planning.

Why do you work in quarters?

There’s been a ton of research that shows that we humans are pretty bad at acting on plans beyond 90 days. Think of all those new year’s resolutions you found yourself still staring at in December…. We do look at long term plans as part of the intensive but the tactical plans are limited to 90days.

Investment: $2997