Should we even be selling right now?

As Coronavirus (COVID-19) works its way in every aspect of our lives and businesses, a debate is raging over whether we, as entrepreneurs, should be serving or selling right now or if it's one and the same.

In this panel of the Elevate Series, I jumped on a Facebook Live with Becky Keen, business and sales coach, Kirsty Carden, NLP master, and Shauna Van Bogart, scaling business coach, to find out how they are handling sales with sensitivity in the face of the Coronavirus pandemic.

You can watch a recording of the panel discussion here or read the summary which has been cleaned up for ease of reading below.


DM: Hey everyone. So welcome to the first panel of our final day. and I know this is one a lot of people are messaging me that they're waiting for. We're going to be talking about should we be selling in this environment. So let me introduce the panel for today. 

We have Shauna by Bogart who helps small business owners run and scale service-based businesses, Becky keen, who's a business mentor for coaches and consultants and Kristy Carden, who is an NLP master mindset and biz coach. And these three are my abundance mindset superpowers. This is who I go to when I have questions. 


So, guys, I want to dive right in. I want to know what you're doing in your own businesses. Are you selling at the moment? What are you telling your clients to do? Should we be selling? 

You know, there are some people who are very far on the end of like, this is not the time that gives me the total ick and there are the people who are like, it's your responsibility to resurrect the economy. And then even further on that side are the really disgusting people who are actually using the crisis and fear-based marketing.

So I'm going to hand it over to you guys to tell me what you're seeing in your space around this. 

KC: I’ll start off. As far as what you said about like what am I telling my clients? I'm working with a mastermind. It’s 10 of us at the moment and in my mastermind and they will continue selling.

Three of them, have had their highest ever months in sales in the last two weeks. So I think with that, that they're continuing as normal. They're not capitalizing on anything. They're just continuing on. And there's not been any change, not been any change as far as, I think a lot of it is a mindset thing.

I think a lot of it is, holding back in the fear kind of based things. But I think if you, you've already been given value and you've been showing up and people are naturally just buying then. For me, I haven't been actively selling cause I had a launch at the beginning of the year and made a lot of sales from that.

I'm kind of just thinking about how I'm going to just position and change my model in the kind of things I wanted to do. Cause I was going to be doing events, which I can't do right now. Right. And changing it so that it fits just what's the environment that we're in right now. So that's kind of what, you know, that's how it's been to me and my clients.

DM: Becky, I know you are event-driven as well. It's a large piece of your business. Did you want to jump in on that theme as

BK: So, number one, I'm super pumped to be a part of this conversation and I think actually what you said, Diane, before we went live on it depends, is really what my advice has come out to be. 

At first, it was like, yeah, of course, you should keep selling, but there's the, but if it doesn't feel aligned if you don't think it's going to resonate with your audience. If you just have this undercurrent feeling that it's not going to fly right now, then what I'm telling my people is trust your gut and. A lot of my clients actually are moms, they're entrepreneurs, and they are finding themselves at home like we all are, but they're like, Oh my God, I just can't do all the things I had wanted to do.

And maybe they were planning a significant launch with all kinds of bells and whistles and they just don't have the brain capacity for it right now. And so there's the part of me that's like, no, go for it. Push through. And then there's the other part of me like, look, if you have that feeling that you need to shift and treat your launch and maybe change it up, then you absolutely should.

Number one, go with your gut. So what I did with my own personal business, because I had two things, two live events coming up. One was a retreat in Hawaii. In fact, what day is today? No, it's not April. Yeah, it's March 27th I should know this because it's my son's birthday today. He thinks I'm all dressed up for him. Yeah, we won't tell him. 

So I was supposed to be flying to Hawaii for April to host a business retreat, and I had women from around the world joining me for that. So that's completely off the table. And I also had my mastermind kickoff. So I do a six-month mastermind. We meet for two days at the beginning of the mastermind, and that I'm still going to do, I'm going to do it virtually.

And then the in-person, we will hopefully meet up in the fall. So with the retreat pulling back, that was a big portion of my plan revenue. And, I actually offered refunds. I've never done that before, but I just felt like I wanted to take the hit as opposed to my clients and customers who are coming to Hawaii who are already gonna lose, you know, flights and hotels and that kind of cost.

So I did the refund thing. And, and then I just started to play with what I was planning, so right now I'm, I'm pre-selling some spots to something in my community and, and I think, Diane, what you said around like, or, no, it wasn't Diane. I think it was Kirsty who was saying like, if you've been nurturing and, and putting in the work, then the sales are business as usual. People are going to still sign up for your stuff. 

So I kinda tweaked one thing I was going to launch this month and I'm going full force with something else that's been in the back of my mind for probably two years now. And I'm like, I'm at home. And it just keeps coming to me.

I'm like, this is the thing that needs to be launched right now. So I've actually totally changed track and I'm going full force with that. And, it's interesting, like I had about eight women sign up yesterday. I haven't yet advertised, haven't put it on my email or my social media. And I think that goes to prove that people still want to purchase right now, they just want to purchase the right things.

So I think it comes down to how long have you been nurturing and what's your messaging to your people.

DM: So Shauna, I know you, speak to a lot of people around abundance all the time, are you seeing people withdrawing from that message or trying to find it or getting it a bit frantic around it?

“Make no assumptions about anyone's financial situation.

SVB: The audience that I'm surrounded with, I wouldn't say they've hit frantic. I would say a lot of them have really seen the opportunity of this time to be incredibly introspective and reflective, which is amazing. And the two key points that I want everyone to remember is, first of all, make no assumptions about anyone's financial situation.

You know, never make any blanketed statement about, Oh, people don't have the money right now, or people are not going to buy, like stay out of. Any assumptions about anyone's financial situation, it's not helpful whatsoever. And the second is to not in your own mind, close off any revenue doors of your own.

It can be incredibly easy to say, no one's going to buy premium coaching right now. But again, how was that even remotely helpful? So stay out of assumptions from their end and from your own end as well, and just stay open to people coming through. Do I think you should sell? I kind of agree with Becky's mentality there.

All of my clients are at a completely different place with this. So I think the question that's more appropriate is, what should I be selling? And for me, I'll use myself as an example, I am six months into a launch here that started in, gosh, October, actually in July. That was supposed to happen in March and is now happening April 8th.

So for myself, I had to sit back and go, is this the appropriate time? And the conclusion I landed on was, yes, but you better believe, I went back and looked at every single copy, message and email, and even the workshop titles, and we switched positioning and we switched messaging. So everything's still in place, but it's important to maybe acknowledge through messaging and positioning what's going on and then tweak as necessary.

But I don't think you need to be throwing entire processes and systems out the window.


DM: I think it's interesting, one of the themes that's kind of coming through what each of you is saying is this kind of gut check this, is it the right time? Does this feel right? But it's also a time of like massive fear. And I know that often fear and gut can get confused with each other. 

So it's easy to go. My gut's telling me not to sell where like Kirsty, what you were saying, people actually just coming from a place of fear or a block around actually selling, and this becomes a handy excuse to call it gut. So when it comes to selling something, how can people sense check that?

Like sense check, am I withdrawing from this product and launch cause I'm scared to launch? Am I withdrawing from selling high-ticket because really I feel like it's the right thing to do for my community versus I'm just really scared to have that phone call? I think these are things that are happening for a lot of people.

What's the, what's the best way to distinguish that, I guess is more my question.

KC: Yeah. What I’m noticing as well, I did a live a couple of hours ago and it came up for someone else as well as my own clients is, I think that we all have to be really aware that we've had so many changes in such a small space of time that we're getting, like now this is changing and that's changing and this is changing.

And a lot of people are kind of processing both your potential clients, but within yourself. So you may not feel ready to sell or to go out there or know what thing to do. Like people have spoken to me about feeling blocked, suddenly having a lot of ideas, but not being able to kind of move forward with them.

There's so much thrown at us, you may not want to jump out there selling or jump out with the content. You may need a bit of processing to go on.

And one of the things. I have noticed, I don’t know if anyone on the panel has noticed this as well, I've been having such vivid dreams recently, really, really vivid dreams every single night, and that's because we’re all processing so much new information. We're kind of creating this new normal. There's so much thrown at us, and I think allowing yourself some time to actually process and understand that you may not want to jump out there selling or jump out with the content. You may need a bit of processing to go on. 

And again it could feel like fear, it could feel like something else. Again, it's awareness. I think we're all feeling different things and it's about actually feeling that, moving through that so that you're able to go to that kind of next phase. So I think it's just that consciousness of what we're all experiencing, both from your own point of view, but also from those that you serve too. They're going to be feeling as well. So I think it's that, that state in awareness, you know, that awareness phase. Well, I'll start on that part and I'll let someone else speak about the next.

BK: I’m like jumping through the screen cause I love what you just said Kirsty and I had a couple of conversations with some of my clients yesterday. Same thing. I feel stuck, I feel blocked. I just said, like take a step back and pull back for a second. And I actually did that this over the weekend. I was trying to figure out like, okay, what, what do I actually want to do with this?

What do I want to sell? I knew it wasn't the thing I was planning on selling. There was something else coming through and I just took the weekend. I'm not gonna think about this. I'm not gonna write about this. I'm just going to take the weekend. I actually deleted Facebook and f**king Instagram from my phone.

I just needed to be in my own kind of zone. And on Sunday I woke up just with this like it was so clear. It was just this knowing. And Diane, as you were asking the question, how do you know if it's your gut? What is fear? So for me. What I tell my people, your gut and your intuition is a clear knowing and there is usually a physical reaction to it that is like pulling and calling you forward versus like fear.

Scarcity is actually going to be a contraction energy. And when I'm talking about a deep inner knowing that's coming from like whatever's source, your higher self, whatever you want to call it, there's no story attached. There's no language around. It is an actual physical sensation in your body, and you do sort of have to be tuned in, in order to feel that and it takes practice.

Yeah, that's, that's when I know something is super true, and if I can feel my own energy, like literally like this, then I know sales is going to be so easy because my energy is going to attract the right people. It's like a, literally a vibrational. I'm seeing that's happening with the energetic exchange that happens with sales.

KC: So, I totally agree with you. And, like I've had so far this year, I want a hundred percent conversion rate. And that was because I've been in that zone of like when you just know something is so right, and it feels so good and it feels so pulled and it is a physical, energetic feeling that you have and that knowing, and I totally relate to what you're saying.

I even go a step further. I don't know if anyone else has tried this, where. I asked my body for what's a yes and what's a no. So when I, if you have a question around that, like how am I holding back because of this or the fear. And I know like, so a yes is a tingling in my face and no was a feeling at the bottom of my gut.

So, again, it's actually just feeling into your own body and the senses and actually asking for what's a yes and what's a no. And the more you practice it, the more vivid gets, and you can really kind of trust yourself, you know, in your own body and what it's telling you as well. So. It's just a little prep, a practical thing that people can try, but it works really well

SVB: And I would leapfrog off of that. That knowing, and it's so hard to put into words and we all know it, and those listening, you know what we're talking about. Yeah. I also think it's important to say that doesn't always mean it feels good in the sense of, I mean, it feels good, but it feels, they can feel nervous. You could still feel scared. And so I think people wait, wait for it to feel sort of purely positive. And it's like, no, you can know something but still be freaking terrified to move forward on it. You know? So, but you can still feel that knowing.

So I think being so in tune with your body, and it might be different for every person, you have to really discern what the feeling is of that knowing cause there are going to be a ton of mind emotions that then come with it. And the sabotage, as you know, and the ego kicks in really quickly. And I want to say too kind of related to that I think the “should” because it speaks to the energy piece that both Christine and, Becky brought up is so important, and when we pose questions like that, should we sell, it's like telling a child you should go to bed. They're not going to want to go to bed when you tell them they should do it. Right?

And so if you're doing it because, well, they're telling me to. Then it's kind of a wash, right? I mean, if you're going to show up with that sort of energy because you should be doing it and this applies at any time, not just during a crisis like this or whatever we want to call it. So I think it's important you first take a step back as they've been saying, to sort of realign and maybe asking said instead, how do I want to serve? Be selfish. What feels good to me in terms of showing up and offering the world right now? Because it just doesn't matter if it's going to come from any sort of scarcity energy or desperate energy or should energy, it's kind of wasted effort, in my opinion.


DM: I think there's quite a lot of, well, I'm certainly seeing quite a lot of social media kind of shaming of people, so people who don't want to sell, who have something to give, kind of shaming those who are doing the opposite.

And I think that's contributing to people being like, I just have no idea what to do. Almost our only outreach at the moment is social media. You can't physically go to a mastermind and sit and chat to people. So we are probably on social media a lot more. We're seeing everything around us, and if there is something we can give, it's very hard not to give it.

Would you recommend stepping away from that social media piece for a while as well and kind of allowing that clarity to come to you? I hesitate to use the word in isolation, but in isolation, not in a virus kind of isolation, but just…

Trying to think of another term for it now and the only word I can think of is isolation, but you know what I mean.

SVB: Yeah. This is a problem always. I mean, as a business you’re scrolling on Instagram, we're making comparisons and usually, our default wiring is to assume that when we see something, someone else is doing, they're doing it right and we're doing something wrong.

You know, we very quickly put ourselves in a one-down position and I would argue women are quicker to do this than men are. And so I think right now is a really wonderful time to get at the heart of that. So whether that does mean stepping back or whether that does mean getting in your journal and asking yourself, what happens when I'm interacting and comparing myself to what I'm seeing out there and can I see how I'm sacrificing the integrity of my own intuition, of my own creative genius?

And I sort of feel like first few years in business, I don't know where people are at in their business as they're joining, but first few years in business is sort of the appropriate time to have your training wheels on, to be looking at the experts for how to set up your business. But at a certain point in time, three years, I think, and beyond, you've got to take those training wheels off and generate that creative inspiration from within.

And I don't know how you do that if you don't somehow distance yourself from getting in other people's lanes, whether that's physical distancing and I'm not scrolling as often, or you have a mental practice to do so.

BK: I was actually just processing. I was like, that is so juicy and so accurate and I know like hands up if I start, I was scrolling yesterday and I saw a few coaches that I admire, what they were up to, and I was like, Oh crap, should I have done that instead? 

Then what? I'm planning and then I just sat with it. I'm like, no! And I see it in my own clients You have your own unique zone of genius, there's a thing that wants to come through you, and the only way you're going to hear it is if you take the time to go inside and listen. And, you know, for some people it's going to take a couple of weeks, they might need to like actually check out for a couple of weeks.

For me, usually, it happens really fast. I just need a weekend. I just need a couple of days and then I know, and then it comes to me. So I, it's also, I said to somebody else the other day, like about success in the entrepreneurial journey. Like there is actually no timeframe. There is no timeline. 

And I think right now because we're all sitting at home, all of a sudden we think like, I got to do this in X time or this and that time, so I'm ready when this is all over or whatever it is, and it's like, this is, it's just a process. This is just part of the overall framework of business growth and. What do you want to set up for the future and how do you want to keep showing up?

And I love Shauna's question about serving. I can't remember exactly how she phrased it, but I say the same thing in my own, like mindset or spiritual practice. I just say, dear Lord, how may I serve? Please show me the way. And when I see say, dear Lord, I mean, it could be the divine, it could be my own self.

Then I'm asking, it's just, I think it's lady Gaga lyrics. I think that's where I got it from. or something she says. And it's just like asking them, being open up to the possibilities of what wants to come through you.

KC: And I think also what you say, you know, with the social media as well, you're saying like, you know, should we take a break from there, isolate from it, and that kind of thing.

Again, paying attention to how is it making me feel? Right? How is it making me feel being on here? Is it energizing me? Is it draining me? What are the, what's the stuff that, you know, what's my mood like? After this? After consuming this. Yeah. Cause it could be some things that you're consuming and watching that actually pick you up and they make you feel connected.

There might be certain communities that you're part of, whereas other things that actually you're seeing it repeatedly and actually it's, it's taken an effect on your mood. So. I think it's a bit paying attention to, well, what are the things that are actually making me feel low draining my energy and what's kind of bringing it up?

Because there may be, you know, it's a good time to stay connected in certain communities, but I think like everyone says like to, to be part of it all the time constantly. It can be very draining and it can also confuse you as in like. Is this my idea or is this my thought or did I hear that you know, like, you know, that whole thing of actually being one with yourself and being able to just hear your own thought process and not, again, it's a whole thing of like you watch something before going to bed and then you'd go to bed and you dream about it and you're processing it right?

It's being able to have your own time to process as well, but I think just being really mindful of how you're feeling and how things are making you feel in it, or getting certain social media platforms. I've heard a lot of people talk about how Facebook is really speaking about the virus now, and you can't escape when you go on.

And I'm finding that, right? It's just everywhere. Whereas TikTok is completely ignoring the whole thing, and it's just a fun platform. So people are going there for escapism. You know, YouTube, you can be very specific of what you want to see and how you want to feel. I go on there and I'm like into it fast and like, I'm like looking at things completely different.

So yeah. There are different platforms, that serve in different ways, or you can actually be very direct. And how do I want to feel? What information do I wanna receive right now? And when do I need to kind of pull away from it as well? So I would use it in that kind of way. 


DM: I'm going to ask each of you two to answer this one in your own way because I know that you three are fairly kind of ritual driven. I know that you work at staying in the kind of energy that you want to stay in and I know like there are some people, like me, who are like, woo, 80 dance party before we start work, you know, the complete like non-spiritual zone. 

So filling the gaps for people like me what are you doing at the moment? It doesn't have to be anything big. It can just be one sec. One thing that you're doing to stay present in your business or present when you're selling. To kind of keep all the noise away at this moment because it's a lot of noise.

KC: Yeah. Okay. I'll start.

So I have to think about this one actually because it’s all still new., It's only just changed. It's changed really quickly. So I, I'm still, Oh, what, what would you say

DM: Might be something you've always done?

KC: Yeah, so I'm continuing exercising, so always start my day with a workout. So I'm continuing the doing that. That's a big part of my process.

Brings my mood up so that I've just replaced it with having to exercise indoors, which isn't quite the same, but it will do. I think also like pulling away, meditating is a big part of their processing sometimes by writing down, like just brain dumping and seeing stuff in front of me for how it is.

Other than that, I'm not sure what other processes I'm using. Visualization and trying to think ahead. Not just now, but also, you know as a whole. 

Well, you know, I speak a lot about when we start feeling like we're different and we're separated from everything, which we can do, cause we're in isolation separately, It's a very different mindset. So when we feel like we're whole, right, we're a world, we're a globe. I see selling like that. I see. Selling is an economy. When you sell, it goes back. It helps other people. It helps the economy, it pays taxes. So it's connected, you know, and it's serving. so I'm being very aware of when I feel connected to others and I'm helping working with my clients. 

One of the things, actually ritual that I didn't even think of cause I do it so often, is how can I serve or help someone today. So when I do that, that normally actually makes me feel better. And that actually connects me to other people. So it's just that feeling of still feeling connected.

Cause I really like being in a room of people. I like working in different environments and that's kind of gone right now. So kind of using this online space and this environment to actually continue that, but maybe in a different, a different setting. So it is reaching out to lots of my clients and reaching out on social media and that kind of stuff.

So, but yeah, it is around feeling and seeing that we're still a whole and we're still connected. Even if we're separated right now, that really helps me. 

SVB: I’ll jump in, I have to say, I don't think I'm doing more per se of anything. So much of my rituals in, in my mind. Anytime we find ourselves living from circumstances, and obviously this is a pretty big circumstance, it's going to make us heavy, right?

I mean, any, any sort of mindset coach’s going to say that and I just know the most important practice you can have is to catch those thought patterns as quickly as possible because the lighter and the higher that I sort of stay the more in tuned with the creative solutions I need. And I'm such a minimalist at heart that I really believe it's fairly simple.

You know, are you catching yourself getting absorbed in all of this stuff and living by circumstance and putting yourself in a one-down position to the circumstance? Right. And then you're, and then you know how quick it happens to all of us.

You know how quickly it can spiral, and then depending on the degree to how long you've allowed yourself to spiral, I may need to step into a self-hypnosis or a meditation.

I may need to simply just count backward from a hundred by sevens. You know, something to distract my mind. A way to just like get back to center or alignment or whatever you want to call it, breathe, and then return to what Kirsty said, what will feel expansive right now. What would bring me joy right now?

How do I want to serve right now? That feels good for me and that's kind of the landing place I seek to get to. If I come to that question and I'm still feeling like I can't see it, my answers aren't here, then I haven't gotten light enough again and I need to go back to whatever form of practice is going to get me back.

And usually, like I said, I can see where my mind is going. I can see it running with stories. I can see it running with narratives and assumptions and judgments and all of this. And I just need to sort of, it's like a knife, cutting through butter. Like just cut it, leave it over there, and then come back.

So I think this is a really great time for people to recommit or commit to resiliency of the mind, mental hygiene, as much as we're washing our hands.

DM: That's an interesting one. I wonder if there's like some like link that we can have that while we're spending the 20 seconds washing our hands every however often it's happening in everyone's homes, that we're also somehow like doing some form of like mental meditation, you know, for me it’s the chorus to Jolene, which I'm not sure is doing much but it lifts my mood every time.

SVB: Well, and I mean, it really doesn't take much.If it's sort of like the original question of selling. If you're already in the process of being someone who's understanding of the thought curation that's going on all day and your mental hygiene, it really doesn't take much.

And so that's another narrative too. Oh, it's going to take so much to get me out of the funk. No, it could be washing your hands. I've got 20 seconds. I can shift. Where I'm at in my mind in five seconds if I need to. Music's another one. I think music vibrationally is so incredibly powerful. I think it's one that we easily neglect, but gosh, how quickly we can change our attitude by simply turning on some music.

So that one's like an easy go-to that I even forget about it.

DM: Becky, I know you tend to go running and like Arctic conditions. Becky's Instagram is always really beautiful Canadian scenery and just her eyes.

BK: Yeah. You have like my, my fuzzy fur thing and just my eyes peeking out. Well, okay, so first of all, Diane, listening to music is a totally, could be a spiritual practice. And for me it's just about staying in the high vibe energy.

So I will ask myself, what do I need to do to stay in a high vibe energy? And sometimes that's meditation. Sometimes it’s listening to Kirtan music, which like, I didn't even know what that was and I heard it. And I was like, Oh my God, this makes me feel connected and in high vibe, so I'm going to listen to it.

I don't know what it means. I don't know what's doing. It could be going for a run. It could be playing a game with my kids because they're playful and they're creative. But as everyone was talking here, I had to write it down in case I forgot but it's your breath. So connecting with your breath is the quickest way to get out of this story, out of the thoughts and drop into your body and get connected to what is true for you.

So whether that's when you're washing your hands. Just notice where you're breathing. So many of us, like in people who are watching this right now, they can just check in right now. Like, are you breathing in your chest or are you breathing way? I'm like, way down low. I'm like, go down where the juices like breathe into those lower spaces like your lower chakras.

And if you can do that, and if you can be super present with the breath coming into your body, then everything else starts to slow down and you get super connected to the truth. And all combine my, like my breathing practice, and I literally have a breathing practice where I, every hour I check back in and I'm like, okay, where am I breathing?

How am I breathing? Can I slow it down a little bit more? But I will also notice my thoughts. same thing with Shauna was saying, and I will ask myself the question, and I think this comes from Byron Katie, but I'll, I would have to check to be sure is, who would I be without that thought? So the thought pops, it pops into your head.

Nobody's going to buy right now. Nobody wants to pay for my thing right now. Okay, so you have a choice and I make it a game. I'm like, okay, great. Let's play the game. Like, you know, roll the dice or throw the dice or, or spin the wheel. Let's play the game. Who would I be without that thought if I didn't believe that thought to be true, that no one's going to buy my stuff?

What else might I believe? And I'm like, Oh, cool. I might believe that people really want to buy my stuff right now. I might believe that now more than ever, people need my thing. I might believe that there's a different program that I should create and I just make this whole brainstorm list of ideas that I might believe if I wasn't buying into that other negative scarcity thought spiral and I looked at it, I'm like, okay, now I have a choice because.

I can choose which one I'm going to believe, and then I pick my new thought and then I take action from that place, from that new belief system. And the way I do that is also through the breath, like just saying, staying super connected.


DM: I love all of this. I'm going to go back with the replay and just be like scribbling notes as I didn’t want everyone to just be staring at the top of my head while I wrote it down. But I wanted to give you the opportunity for any final thoughts for people around selling or around mindset in general in this environment.

SVB: I want to make sure that we get this in cause I think it's important that before you do anything, whether you are going to sell or you're just going to stack your pipeline right now, we're going to use this time to reassess your systems and organizations. Honor your feelings. You know, t's stressful for all of us. We may look poised and full of talking points today, but I know each of us have had our own unique breakdowns through all of this in whatever way that looks like, right. And we're questioning the same. I'll speak for myself. I'm questioning the same thing. So I've gone to my own colleagues and I'm like, is this the right time? Is this insensitive? Is this right? You know, and getting that feedback, but if you don't first honor your feelings and allow yourself to just be human, you get to be human during this, we're all in the same boat.

None of us have been through this before. This is a complete unknown, you know? So I, I just want everyone to remember you get to be human, honor your feelings first. The faster you honor your emotions and what's coming up, whether you want to judge it as like bad or annoying or whatever, the faster you're going to move through it to get back to that alignment in that creative space for you to channel the answers that you're looking for.

But you've got to make sure you're not bypassing that part.

KC: I like to keep thinking anything that happens that especially this like that is happening for me, not to me. So always been really aware of, Hey, what am I learning from this experience? Like constantly asking yourself that, where is this taking me?

So I think it's like seeing it as an opportunity, but you were saying it's like, you know, to do this in my business, they'd be, this wasn't there before. Some people, I know one of my clients will have business completely online overnight, always been an in-person business, but she did it and that's something she would have never thought she could do in such a small space of time.

But given this opportunity, the situation it happened, and I think it makes you see that you actually are so much more capable than maybe you actually realize before that because you've been put into a situation that's gonna make you fight. Obviously you can choose right by, I think, like you say, it's honoring your feelings.

I think it's not moving too fast. It's really being aware of all the changes that are happening and it's. Kind of morphing you and changing you constantly. So I've been mindful of how you feel, but just seeing how this is happening for you, it's taking you somewhere else. It's showing you and highlighting things to you that maybe you weren't aware of before and because you're in a completely different situation and that you will come out.

Better than before and stronger than before with so many new learnings. So I'm doing a daily thing of like, you know, writing down what am I learning from this? What am I learning about myself? What am I learning about the environment, you know? Cause I think there's so many lessons, there's so much we can learn so much from them about ourselves and other people around us and what we want to do.

With all businesses and with sales and all of that too. but it's an opportunity and I think seeing it, seeing it as that as well, and not just the crisis label that obviously constantly, you know, on social media right now. 

DM: And I think that's interesting just to hop in on that point. I think it lends itself really well to the kind of experimentation thinking like almost like I'm a data scientist in this environment. Here's what I observed today, here's what I've tried, here's what worked, here's what didn't

Take some of that pressure off of like, Ooh, I said this today and it didn't land well, so maybe that was a bit tone-deaf. How can I adjust? Or like, Whoa, people are really reaching out to me.

KC: Yeah, and I think that's the thing is that for everyone.

It is all going to be a little bit of an experiment because none of us can say, look, no one's been through this exact scenario before. So for all of us, there's a certain amount of uncertainty and experimenting and seeing how things work. But you're going to know once we've kind of passed through, aren't you?

But it's everyone's in the same situation. So again, I think it connects us because we all have that sense of uncertainty in different ways right now. But then it, it again. Rebecca mentioned about being playful, how kids are playful. Let's see it like that. It's a time that you can experiment and play and try different things.

Cause you're not gonna know, you may not have the same outcome that you had six months ago, a year ago. Right. Cause it's a different environment. So, yeah, totally. I love them.

DM: Becky, anything last thoughts from you? 

“I think we forget to ask. And to trust that that support is always there.

BK: I always have lasts, lots. I mean, you can't really get me to shut up. So as these ladies were chatting, I just wrote down, two things and they're the same, you know, was asking for guidance and co-creation.

So co-creation with the universe, I think we think we have to do all the things, you know, in our own mind. And. If we can just take a pause and be like, okay, this part I can do, right? I can do the social media posts, I can call my favorite clients. I can write the web copy, whatever the things are that the tangible human-based things that we can do.

And then releasing yourself from the outcome, detaching from what the results are necessarily going to be, and then handing it over 50% at least to the universe and being available for the energy of co-creation where like the universe is actually going to send you the right clients. It's going to give you the guidance that you need to move your business forward.

Asking for that support. That was a lesson for me. On Sunday I was like, Oh my gosh, I forgot to ask. I forgot to like put my thoughts out there to a higher power and say, Hey, how may I serve? Can you help me? You know, I'll sit in meditation and I'll say like, please send me the right clients who are interested in investing.

Please, you know, guide me on my path to take the right steps. And I think we forget to ask. And to trust that that support, like that support, is always there. It didn't go away in the last two, three weeks, however long this has been going on, it's still there. So let's continue to tap into it.

DM: That's awesome.Thank you ladies and thank you for opening your calendars at such short notice. This has been very eye-opening for me and I'm sure for everybody else who's watching. I will definitely make sure the replays are in as many places as possible. Cause I think as we keep going through this process, people are going to need to watch this over and over and over again to just bring themselves back into what they can be doing. 

So I appreciate all of you. Thank you for sharing your time and your rituals and what's going on in your lives. And I will chat to everybody else who's watching in about, oh, like an hour for the next panel.

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