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You've got enough shiny objects bouncing around your head to rival the average disco ball but how do you pick the really great ones from the distractions?

The simple to use, step by step idea evaluator can be used over and over again to show you which of your ideas are winners and what to do with the rest. Hint: Don't just bin them


Entrepreneurs invest so much time, money and energy into their businesses and have revenue plans, project plans and launch plans but we often forget a key strategic plan - the crisis plan.

This template helps you prepare for the next surprise whether it's a vacation day, doomsday or any day in between. Remember great surprises happen too.


They say a morning routine sets up your day and a night time routine promotes more restful sleep but this evening routine could save your business (and your sanity).

Close out your work day with some simple tasks to switch off work mode, enhance tomorrow's productivity and prepare the business just in case you need a surprise day off.