Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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The Problems With Personality Tests

Everyone loves a personality test so why do some many of them land up in a digital junk drawer instead of being used?

Sarah Walton

How Not To Kill Your Business With Sarah Walton

(aka the case of the entrepreneur who killed her business…)
As we multitask through the week and rush from one opportunity to the next, we might miss the slow decline of our business.

Kelly Vrchota

Memberships Are More Than Entry Level Offers With Kelly Vrchota

If you think of memberships as low ticket offers to warm up your buyers for a high ticket offer, think again.

Lanie Lamarre Header

We Need To Talk About Google Analytics With Lanie Lamarre

If you’ve got Google Analytics running on your website, it may seem like a tiny script and a free business tool but are you actually opening yourself and your clients up to some unexpected risks?

Staci Hauschild

How To Develop A Feminist Business Strategy With Staci Hauschild

If you want to audit your business against your values, feminist or not, this episode will show you how.