Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Stephanie Skryzowski

The 3 Key Metrics For Your Lifestyle Business With Stephanie Skryzowski

There’s no one right answer to the question, “What’s a good profit margin?” The trick is to avoid looking at it in a vacuum.

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5 Questions A Prospect Will Ask Before They Buy

There are 5 questions a prospect needs to say yes to before they will buy. Without being able to pass these questions, you won't get a sale no matter how much attention you attract with marketing.

Helena Bowen

How Speaking Makes Sales Simple with Helena Bowen

Speaking is the easiest way for someone to get a feel for what working with you might be like.

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What's The ROI Of Your Social Media Strategy

If social media is a free strategy, how do you measure whether it worth your time, effort and energy?

Jordan Gill

How To Create A Vip Day With Your Services With Jordan Gill

Make six figures while only working a few days a month. VIP days may be just what your lifestyle business needs.