Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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How To Prioritize In Your 90-day Plan

90-day plans may be the norm but are you prioritizing the right things? The usual goal of increasing sales may actually be bad for your business.

Desola Davis

Build A Customer Journey That Turns Prospects Into Fans With Desola Davis

Support your people in their journey from prospect all the way to transformation as a client will create huge wins for your client and those wins will create raving fans.

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Why You Need To Be In Flow In Your Biz (And How To Get There)

Flow can make you more money in your business. It may be a feeling but you can implement it in your business in a practical way.

Heidi Taylor

Make Your Intake Form Do The Selling For You With Heidi Taylor

Your intake form is a reflection you – it’s that first glimpse at who you are, how you treat your clients, and what your service will feel like

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Why You Need A Referral Program Asap

A referral marketing program helps you leapfrog over the know, like and trust phase of the customer journey as you have that trust by proxy.