Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Ebonie Allard

How To Take A Sabbatical From Your Business With Ebonie Allard

Dreaming of an extended break from your business but not sure how to take more than a day off?

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Pick Your Business Model Carefully

The business model you’re using isn’t working for you but not because you have a mindset issue. It’s just the wrong model.

Janet Murray Header

How To Create Courageous Content with Janet Murray

It is not just the beginner who needs courage to keep their content fresh. What would it take to stretch you right now? Would you stop your 450 episode long high-ranking podcast?

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4 Types Of Plans You Need In Your Business

The financial plan you have for your business is really only one small part of the planning process and should be interconnected with all the others.

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Why Copytawking Is The New And Improved Copywriting With Christina Torres

Most of us have a close relationship with the white page of doom as soon as we need to write anything for our businesses but what if the reason is that we should be talking instead of writing?