Coffee and Converse is for lifestyle entrepreneurs who are over the trendy tactics and ready for successful strategies to fast track their business and lifestyle goals.
If you’re building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business, read on.
Dr Lindsay Padilla

How To Improve Your Course And Business With Audio with Lindsay Padilla

In a time when screen time is at an all-time, audio can be your, and your clients’, new best friend

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How To Create Leverage Without A Group Program Or Course

What if all the advice you’ve been given on leveraging your time is actually making things worse? It’s not you, you’re just not leveraging the right thing.

Kelsey Chapman

How To Find A Mentor (And What They Can Teach You) with Kelsey Chapman

Kelsey Chapman walks you through the process of finding a mentor, developing the relationship, and the key ingredient to make it a success.

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How To Increase Your Prices Without Adding Content Or Bonuses

Increasing your prices isn’t about adding a value stack to your offer or more bells and whistles. For long term client relationships, you need to look deeper.

nadia munla

How To Develop Embodied Leadership with Nadia Munla

To run a business in 2021 takes a different kind of leadership, one that is balanced between structure and strategy and intuition and feeling.