Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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How To Keep Track Of Your Ideas

Entrepreneurs need a system to make sure they don’t lose an idea they could use and don’t waste time on one that won’t work.

Hailey Dale

How to Build an Automated Sales System with Hailey Dale

Your sales system should take the traffic you generate and convert it. A lot of the time that is not the case

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How To Prepare For The Biggest Risk To Your Business

A crisis is neither good nor bad. It is simply an event but your response to it creates a good or bad result.

Jessica Eley

How Mindset Can Get You Results Without The Hustle With Jessica Eley

If every entrepreneur is different, shouldn’t every approach to business be just as unique?

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3 Mistakes I See In Most Annual Plans

Planning is a living breathing tool that you use to measure performance throughout the year, which requires explanation analysis, and adjustment.