Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Why Clients Should Not Be The Core Of Your Business

A client first approach to business is a recipe for exhaustion and burnout

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5 Lessons For Your Business From 100 Episodes

Coffee and Converse is celebrating 100 Episodes by doing what it does best – delivering tactical takeaways for your business

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How To Create CEO Time And What To Do With It

Thinking time means prioritize time to think not thinking “when I have time”. Here’s how to find and maximize your thinking time.

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How To Design A Sales Page The Converts With Melissa Burkheimer

Do you know good design when you see it but get stuck trying to work out why your sales page doesn’t seem to have the IT factor?

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Why You Need To Simplify Your Systems

Systems might not be exciting to you but the more comfortable you can get with your backend, the more you can live in your superpower on the front.