Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

Jessica Eley

How Mindset Can Get You Results Without The Hustle With Jessica Eley

If every entrepreneur is different, shouldn’t every approach to business be just as unique?

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3 Mistakes I See In Most Annual Plans

Planning is a living breathing tool that you use to measure performance throughout the year, which requires explanation analysis, and adjustment.

Lynya Floyd

How To Get Clients By Using The Media With Lynya Floyd

There has never been more demand for content than write now. If you can create a story that works for an editor’s audience and not just for your business, you too can get media coverage.

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3 Surprising Business Benefits Of Taking Time Off From Social

What if the real benefit of being off social media was to your business instead of the mindset, sleep, and presence we always hear about?

Chris Emmer

How To Make Your Own Rules For Instagram With Chris Emmer

Finding a way to show up that feels good for you means you can stay consistent long enough to see the impact of the effort you put in.