Building a business to support your life instead of living to build a business

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Boundaries Work Better From A Place Of Yes

If you feel (or are made to feel) selfish for setting and holding boundaries at work or at home, try this instead.

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Talking Fast And Slow – The Easy Framework For Better Communication

Nothing creates frustration quicker than a clash in communication styles. Practice using this model over the holidays and watch your business relationships transform in 2023.

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The One Thing That Uplevels Your Plan To A Powerful Business Tool

Make planning a useful tool for 2023, not a high-level box-check exercise.

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Making December Work For You By Design Not Default

If you’re slowing down for December, ask yourself if you defaulted to that or if you designed it that way. They are not the same thing.

Coffee+ Converse With Kylie Hodges

How To Embrace Imperfection For Bigger Impact And More Profit With Kylie Hodges

In the entrepreneur world, we can wear perfectionism as a badge of honor but our “high standards” are keeping us from big impact and big profit.