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Big business support for the small business CEO

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We've all been there...

  • Your business has grown fast and, while you worked your butt off to get here, you’re secretly wondering if you can repeat that success or if you just got lucky.
  • You have a perfect-for-you small business but not wanting to scale makes you feel like your business is not as legit in the face of all the #7figure hoopla.
  • Feeling like something’s got to give if you want any time left to think but you’re not sure where to focus because it all seems essential.
  • You’ve invested in the courses, group programs, coaching, and all the trendy business models the gurus are selling but they never quite fit your business.
  • You get stuck in analysis paralysis when confronted by a high stakes decision so you grab on to what seems like a solution and hope for the best just to move forward even when it feels a little “off” and you know it’ll probably bite you in the butt later.
  • You’re pivoting from one plan to the next like a ballerina and you’re driving your team and yourself nuts.
  • You’re constantly torn between needing to reach one more goal in the business and wanting more time for travel, the kids, or catching up on Bravo.

Sound familiar? Good news coming right up!

What if instead...

  • You used data to figure out what worked in the past so you could use it again and where you had gaps so you could plug them and move on with peace of mind.
  • You built your business to meet your own needs and success measures and stopped noticing that others seemed to need more to feel satisfied because their life is none of your business but yours is.
  • You could hit your 90-day goal and save money and research time by getting your full plan upfront.
  • You got the 1:1 coaching at a strategic level without needing to pay thousands for a group program or mastermind you don’t want or need or the need to find something to talk about every week when you could be getting ish done.
  • You felt confident making those CEO level decisions that aligned with your goals because you know your business best and used all that extra time for anything other than your business.
  • Your team was pumped to work on a plan that pointed them step by step to success.
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You got to choose the fun bits of life more often because your business is set up to work for you.



Is a 5 hour 1:1 intensive experience that covers the 5 key elements of a custom business plan - Founder, Future, Fixes, Figure, and Focus.

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This is for...

  • Established service-based entrepreneurs who want a business customized to their personal and lifestyle goals instead of seeking scale at all costs

This is not for...

  • You if you’re after a cheerleader for all your ideas. My no-nonsense approach to business fundamentals and strategy is not for you.