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It’s The Holidays At Coffee and Converse


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey, Hey, it's officially the holiday season with Thanksgiving coming up this week, Hanukkah shortly afterwards, and then Christmas, so for the first time in over a year, I'm going to take a mini podcast vacation, but don't worry just because I'm on vacation. Doesn't mean you need. Your podcast episodes instead, how it's going to work is every Thursday I'm going to replay one of my favorite episodes. Some that you might've missed because let's face it. We've done 125 plus episodes. And that's a lot to go back through or some that I think you need to hear, even if you've listened to it before, because they are just that. So at the beginning of each of these episodes, I'm in it's whole, you, why? I think you need to listen to it, even if you heard it before, and then I'm going to come back on the Tuesday and the little mini bites episode and walk you through how I've implemented their strategies in my own business. Most of these episodes are people that I have worked with in 2021. So I know their topic intimately, and we've put it into practice in my business. This will hopefully give you some great ideas of how you can use it in your planning for 2020. in the meantime, I'm going to be using the time away from interviewing, editing and producing the podcast to really focus on what I'm planning for in 2022. There's some really new and exciting things coming up in my business that needs some of my focus and my creativity. And I want you to see that I practice what I preach so that you also make sure that your business and your plan is flexible enough to fit around whatever you need. in the season of your business, while I'm away, remember you can always find the resources that you need in the Bolt or you can find me on Instagram, come and say hi, tell me how your planning's going. What's coming up for 2022. I'm at Diane underscore Mayer. I'll be back for the final episode of the year on the 30th of December, where I'm going to be wrapping up 2021 and giving you some ideas for 2022. So let me take this opportunity to wish you happy holidays. And if you need a break from the family or you're taking some time off relaxing, this Thursday's episode is with one of my favorite people. And you definitely want to check it out because she has an amazing black Friday offer that you'll want to

We’re changing things up over the holiday season. Here’s a little behind the scenes.

Key Takeaway

Flexibility is the new black.

In This Episode

  • What’s happening for the next few weeks
  • What’s going on behind the scenes 
  • Mark your calendar for the year-end wrap-up episode



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