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How To Quickly Create A Content Bank From Your Best Copy


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey Hey. So we're continuing on with our replay series of some of my favorite episodes from coffee and converse the spot. And today I want to dive into what completely blew my mind in the episode with Christine Blubaugh, which was the last replay episode if you are feeling frustrated with social media feeling like it's a lot of work feeling like you have to come up with consistent new, exciting things to say and still feeling like you're kind of blending in with everything else that's out there. Then I highly recommend you going back listening to Christine's full episode. She gave so many ideas and so many tips to really make social media work for you, but where she completely. Blew my mind was in telling me to go and look at my sales pages for content. I think we talk a lot about content repurposing and, it had never really occurred to me to repurpose the piece of content that I have put the most work into. Think about the investment that you have made in your sales pages, either from a monetary perspective where you have invested in somebody to help you, whether that's a course, whether it's done for you, whether it's done with you, then think about the time invested. You haven't seen. Get really clear on who it is. You're talking to what they're looking for, what their pain points are, what they need, how you help them, how that's a benefit for them. We put so much thought and effort and energy into writing those sales pages and. Then we come to social media where if we're a business, technically social media is selling for us and we're kind of a bit more slapdash about it. Sure. We're putting in good content and everything, but are we giving it that same level of thought and energy that we give to a sales page? Probably not. Now, I'm not suggesting that every single post that you write becomes that level of energy, but what if you flipped it and repurposed all of that time, effort and investment in your sales page, into your social media content? What if you spoke about one of the pain points in a social media post? What if you spoke about one of the things you'll people are dreaming about in a social media post? What if you focused on one benefit? What if you focused on one frequently asked question, what have you showcased a client? Suddenly you have this into higher bank of content on one page in your website that you can expand upon that you can break down that you can repurpose in so many different ways. Just because it's a written sales page doesn't mean it needs to be a written caption. You could pull something from that sales page and do a video on it. And for me, what blew my mind was just how expensive that felt, how dialed in it felt, how I didn't need to worry about what am I talking about in this particular post. I could simply go back to my sales page, which is what I know my people need to hear before they buy and prep them through social media, as much as prepping them on a sales page. First of all, you don't need to come up with a single new thing to say on social media. You've already got it. Second. It's exactly what you know, people need to hear before they buy. And third, it's going to show you where that sales page is landing for you and where you're missing the mark. Yes, you can do Hotjar or something to show you how people are scrolling on your sales page. But how do you know if they're looking at a particular section because of one particular. Or which of those points turn them off, right? Social media is going to give you that real-time feedback so that you can improve your sales page. So I want to challenge you today to take your sales page for one of your offers and see how many pieces of content could you get from that one sales page? I want you to DME and tell me how many you got, because I love a challenge and I'm very competitive. So that'll give me something to aim for as well.

What if all your content ideas for 2022 were already on your sales page?

Key Takeaway

Social media for business is ultimately about selling so our captions need to cover what our people need to hear to buy.

In This Episode

  • How Christine Blubaugh episode blew my mind
  • How to create content ideas from your copy
  • Why your best copy should be the basis of your best content



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