How to avoid information overload

“Oh no, I think I'm catching feelings.”

For days this catchy lyric from Eden’s Sex was playing in my ears. I have never heard the song so how was it stuck in my brain?

Well, it all started with Gary Vee. And then a friend's YouTube video. And then a celebrity’s video on Facebook. Followed by a Google sesh. I lost hours to the problem:

WTF is TikTok and should I be using it for my business?

Between you and me, TikTok makes me feel ANCIENT! I am not the least bit tech-phobic but trying to understand how it worked, what was considered good and to find the good stuff all seemed way more complicated than I expected.

What started as me thinking about my next marketing plan led me to a Daily Vee on TikTok:

“It is time that TikTok is seriously added to the conversation about attention. TikTok is the fastest growing social network in the past year, so let's start treating it like so.”

Daily Vee


Then suddenly it was everywhere, my friend filmed herself as an internet marketer recording her first video. Then Reese Witherspoon tried to learn some of the dances with her son which was plain hilarious (even funnier now I actually get that there are dances). Yup the frequency bias was strong in me.

What went from an interesting side note on my marketing quest turned into a marathon deep dive culminating in me begging for a practical hands-on sessions with my friend’s 13-year-old daughter to finally figure out how it worked.

Relevant to my business?

Well, I work with established digital entrepreneurs. TikTok’s target market is teens. Sure Gary makes a great point that it could go the way of Instagram and become the next frontier but for my business, probably not my best avenue right now.

I also know that other marketers swear by LinkedIn for B2B, others Instagram for the relationship building, others by FB Live Video for authority.

I was really no closer to answering my, “How to market my services next” question.

I had made the classic mistake I see entrepreneurs making all the time – I needed input on my business but instead of first deciding where I wanted my business to go, I was seeking input on my vision.

Let’s say that again for the people in the back as I really want it to sink in.

If you are looking for input before you have decided where you’re going, you are going to land up in overwhelm.

You are going to be flooded with more information that you can process and land up in analysis paralysis and as stressed and cranky as an overstimulated baby.

We as the CEOs, we need to take ownership of its direction instead of abdicating it to the person whose content screams the loudest.

Before any info, advice or suggestions, we need to define our focus. This then automatically filters the information reducing the overwhelm.

If I am honest with myself, I knew what I needed to do and was really just looking for a stalling tactic when I happened on the TikTok rabbit hole. 

That Daily Vee episode should have been automatically filtered on to the not relevant stream and everything that came after would have simply passed by without me noticing.

Instead, I should have given myself some space to think – white space in my calendar to scribble and mind map and let my brain filter through all the info it already knows about marketing – and decided on a course of action. Then I could have gone direct to the experts on the specific challenge.

Instead I went straight to input, overloaded my brain and….oooh is that Tik Tok in my peripheral vision?

”Oh no, I think I’m catching feelings….”

Can’t figure out which idea to focus on?

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