The WTF (Where To Focus) Intensive

A deep dive to find the one thing to focus on to uplevel your business.

Let’s make sure you don’t waste another $10,000 trying to fix the wrong thing.


You just want to be able to grow and scale without stressing out, going broke or tanking your business but:

  • You’re not sure where to focus your time, money and energy in terms of your team, marketing, or systems to maintain your current business let alone grow.
  • You’re starting to feel a little like Steve Jobs’ wearing the same thing over and over and over (yes I know yours are pyjamas) because one more decision feels like too much.
  • You’re trying to piece together the advice of all the different gurus but when you put it together it doesn’t work for your business.
  • You’re leaning on a team that also isn't qualified to give you strategic support while they're looking to you for guidance because it's actually your responsibility to lead your business to greatness.
  • You’re worried that new investment in a course, done-for-you service or a new hire that won’t pay off…just like the last one.

You’ve realized that, even though everyone tries to tell you that it’s easy or there's one right way to do it (usually their way!), the truth is, it's different for every business.

Imagine how good it will feel to finally:

  • Have clarity on which project you need to focus on instead of staring at a list of all the exciting things you could be doing and the dreaded ones you feel you should be doing.
  • Watch the pieces of your business fit together seamlessly like a giant puzzle instead of forcing them together in a piece of abstract business art.
  • Think through your path to your big vision in a simple to follow framework and then get started on the first step immediately.
  • Ignore that guru, blog or your biz bestie without any guilt, anxiety or FOMO because you know it’s not for you right now.
  • Stay in your own (genius) lane because your team is getting that sh!t DONE without needing to constantly interrupt you with questions.

What if it felt like you’re leading your growing business like the rockstar CEO that you are?

I’m a business strategist and Certified Fix this Next Advisor who guides 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs from decision fatigue and information overwhelm to confidently taking the right next step for their business.

The WTF Call is a 60-minute virtual intensive where we’ll go from big picture overwhelm to knowing your next right move using the Business Hierarchy of Needs.

No BS - I’ll tell you WTF to do!

Launch Special $247

(Regular Investment $497)


Ela Thier (1)

"If you want someone who feels like a friend, but understands how online businesses work, and has judgment and experience in what, when and how much to invest in your business, talk to Diane."


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"In under an hour, we accomplished so much. Diane has an amazing ability to find the bottleneck. If you're on the fence about working with her, you should do it! You won't regret it."


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  • 3 We spend 60 minutes planning your route to your next big goal.
  • 4 After the call, I’ll send you over a one page summary of our discussion with your one focus area and a worksheet to help you implement it all.

Got questions? Email me here (diane@dianemayor.com)