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Stop chasing squirrels, shiny objects and so so strategies. They’re not going to get you the business that works for YOU (as sexy as they sound).

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I get it...

With one expert saying “webinars!”, the next saying “systems!” and so on, sometimes it can feel like you have a lot of new things to try and no idea where to start. You know what your goal is, but the options to get there seem endless (and confusing to boot). 

What all of those tactics are NOT teaching you, is your unique path to your goals for your unique business. 

Knowing where to focus in your business right now means:

  • You work on the things that get you your biggest bang for your business buck
  • Less time wasted on the wrong tactics that some guru with slick hair and slick copy sold you on
  • Less money thrown away on learning tactics your business didn't even need in the first place

And even better, once you’ve learned this, you never need to chase a squirrel again. #squashthesquirrels

"But don't I need to try a bunch of stuff before landing on the one that's gonna skyrocket my business?"

For most CEOs, it does take trial and error to figure out what works. And even if it seems like the right direction to go in, you might be surprised to learn that that path doesn’t actually pan out the way you hoped. 

And that’s because no one has given you the tools to do it differently. No one’s taking YOUR specific situation into account when pushing the webinars or the systems or the memberships or the Facebook ads. 

But I believe that you can’t make a decision about the right thing to focus on if you aren’t looking at your OWN situation. Your OWN behind-the-scenes. Your OWN goals for your lifestyle. 

So that’s why I am hosting a workshop for lifestyle entrepreneurs who don’t have the time, money or energy for trial and error.



The Cash Flow AUDIO Workshop

In this 25 minute limited podcast you will learn:

How time and money can work together towards your goals and how to stop swinging from focusing on one to the other.

The one thing many entrepreneurs miss that means while they may build a successful business, it’s not going to feel great long term.

Your winning formula so that you can focus on the things that will actually get you results  (and your losing one so you can avoid costly mistakes).

We’ll get into the details of:

  • Your fastest path to results
  • How to increase your value to your clients
  • How to use leverage to do more with less
  • The 8 entrepreneurial types and which one fits you best
  • Your unique strengths (and challenges) in building you business
  • The stabilizers you can use along the way
  • Some pitfalls to watch out for
  • Your next steps because knowledge is power


In the time of Zoom Fatigue, exploding screen time and multi-tasking between work, homeschooling and washing your hands, asking you to attend a workshop on Zoom at a set time felt like too big an ask.

The Cash Flow Workshop is delivered in a private podcast feed so that you can learn on the go without remembering logins or fighting for the iPad.

Simply click a link in an email,  load the feed to your favorite podcast app and you’re ready to go while washing the dishes, walking the dog or hiding from your children in the closet. 

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This experience is for you if:

  • Tired of trying to force their business into cookie-cutter solutions
  • Staring down burnout without knowing why or what to change
  • Ready to build the best business for them

Let’s make sure you don’t waste another $10,000 trying to fix the wrong thing and finally find your focus instead.

One of my 2-hour strategic planning experiences is a $2,000 investment but you can snap up this workshop and get started for FREE right now!

This workshop has already created some powerful changes and big results so this could turn into a paid product without warning so don't delay.

Hey there, I’m Diane and I did a decade in corporate so that you don’t have to - you’re welcome!

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I have a zero fluff approach to business, that I get ish done and so do people around me, and that my examples are hilarious (ok so maybe I added the last one but it’s still true).

I believe that lifestyle businesses need custom approaches because other people’s definitions of success don’t work for us. 


Get laser-focused on the best way to move YOUR business forwards. Because cookie cutters were meant for the kitchen, not your business.