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Get booked solid the pro way not the bro way

Insider doesn’t get you clients!

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We've all been there...

  • Watching Susan over there, who is way less qualified than you, bragging about her boatloads of clients, while you’re left wondering what you’re missing.
  • Trying all the traffic tricks from wowing on webinars to figuring out Facebook ad, from living on live streams to pitching to podcasts, inspiring on Instagram to looking picture perfect on Pinterest and wondering why it all feels so much like hard work.
  • With the dread creeping into the pit of your stomach as that appointment grows nearer. The one with that nightmare client who makes you want to scream in frustration but also pays a large chunk of the bills.
  • Trying to squeeze in one more client for some extra breathing room just in case someone leaves even if it means sacrificing some family time, down time, or fun times.
  • Wishing you could just do the thing you’re oh so good at instead of feeling like an extra on Mad Men trying to come up with witty marketing or feeling that selling slime all over you.

Sound familiar? Good news coming right up!

What if instead...

  • You felt confident because you had smarter marketing methods that worked for you and your business and you got to spend more time in your zone of genius at work and more time out of work entirely.
  • You’re attracting more clients by building trust with your target audience and earning credibility within your marketplace meaning the right people are finding you, falling in love with you and paying you even faster.
  • You do the work that you love with clients that you love which creates better results for everyone so you get paid what you’re worth AND make a bigger impact. THIS is why you went into business in the first place.
  • You know how to get clients for your business while making the most of your time, money and energy. Hello 3pm finishes, daily bubble baths with vino and chocolate and watching enough Bravo to win the reality star quiz round (on zoom obvi).

You fell so in love with marketing that it didn’t feel like work.

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This is for you if...

  • You're a service based entrepreneur who wants a client attraction strategy customized to your business and lifestyle goals.

This is not for you if...

  • You’re after a cheerleader for all your ideas. My no-nonsense approach to business fundamentals and strategy is not for you.


The Booked, Aligned & Free Program  is an 8-week virtual 1:1 walkthrough of the complete Book Yourself Solid® System to generate a full pipeline of clients. 

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The Booked, Aligned & Free Intensive is a 4 hour 1:1 intensive we build and customize the complete Book Yourself Solid® System for your business. 

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