How to prepare for the worst so that you can focus on the best

How to prepare for the worst so that you can focus on the best

I stood at the intersection, waiting for the little green man to tell me it was safe to cross, even though I couldn’t see a car for miles. I’m from Africa, where rules are treated as mild suggestions, so i don’t trust others to obey them. If you ever walk anywhere with me, know that…

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How to create an action plan

By the time we entrepreneurs have tamed our squirrels and decided which shiny object to attack, we’re usually pretty exhausted from all the thinking and deciding, and as a result we just want to get to doing. The idea of more planning feels both overwhelming and frustrating to a visionary, but it is vital for…

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How to build a financial plan that's more than a guess

Throughout my corporate career, in all my roles, I was required to talk financial results to somber men many years my senior. This was as terrifying as it sounds because, if you imagine yourself in that position, you'll probably realize that you're not the only person relying on you sounding confident and coherent while explaining…

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How to create an operational plan

Your operational plan is the “How” to your strategic plan's “Why.”  It's a shorter timescale, usually a year, and it looks at the high-level achievements that would make this year a success. What's included in an operational plan The operational plan consists of the objectives you want or need to hit to move toward your strategic goals.…

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How to create a strategic plan for your business

One of my favorite podcasts is NPR's How I Built This. Guy Raz takes founders through their stories, from idea to sale (or the current day). It's a fascinating combination of story and business insight that I can binge on for hours and never get bored. And one of the main things he draws out is…