I am throwing my calendar for Q4 wide open with a quest to help 90 people in the last 90 days go into 2019 better prepared than they were for this year.
Maybe you:
  • have an exciting life event coming up like a baby or a wedding that going to need you to take a step back and you want to plan for it
  • are ready for your revenue plan to be a little more hit than miss this year or at least have a more solid base than last year plus a bit.
  • know you have great products but when it comes to saying your price out loud, you’re not sure you have the data to justify it to yourself
  • want to finally take that vacation you keep dreaming about and postponing
  • just feel like you’re drowning a little but you can’t step back because who would do #allthethings
Or maybe there is something else you need help on to prepare your business for 2019.
Why is it free aka what do I get out of it?
  • motivation to push on through Q4 creating what I know will help you
  • inspirations for new things I can create in 2019 to help even more
  • content and product ideas from your questions and aha moments.