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What Is Your Bonus Stack Costing You?

In an effort to “sell ‘em what they want, give ‘em what they need”, we’re overestimating how much they want and then killing ourselves delivering. 

This comes from a good place of wanting to get your clients results. You know that if you can just get them to buy your thing, they will succeed. So you add bonuses and extras and bits and pieces until you're left with a huge package that you now have to deliver.

Cutting back your offers can be really difficult to wrap your head around because we've been taught to use bonus stacks to show this sheer amount of value in order to persuade people to buy the one thing that we actually want to sell them.

We bend over backward to make sure we have all the options available to get our clients results from time to format and then wonder why we’re exhausted.

Let’s go back to first principles.

Do you know what your clients need? Of course, you do. 

Making that sound sexy and inviting and like something they want to do is all about copy, how you explain things and how you talk through their objections. 

You shouldn’t need to add spoonful after spoonful of sugar like some demented Mary Poppins trying to help them choke down your incredible work.

When we do it causes 2 big problems.

1. It tells you the product you're selling is not worth the price

And every time it's going to make you that little bit less confident when you sell it. 

2. You’re setting your clients up to fail

Think about when you start a new fitness coach or nutritionist. The first thing they get you to do is one thing.

In terms of fitness at that'd be going for a walk every day. In terms of nutrition, it might be sitting down for meals. It feels like this teeny tiny step. 

But they do it because they know that if they try to give us the 100 changes we need to make at once the chances are, we're not going to do any of them. We're going to feel completely overwhelmed. 

And this is exactly what you're doing to your clients. You're telling your clients, “Hey, you need this one result. I can give that to you, but I'm also going to give you these other 20 options.” And then you’re also going to be really upset and frustrated that you don't do the one thing I know you need to do.

How is this setting them up for success? And how are you setting yourself up for success?

If you're trying to deliver that one key result, but you're being sidetracked by these 40 other bonuses you need to deliver. You're not going to show up at your best.

So for each of your offers:

  • Carve out what is essential. 
    • What is the result that you get people and what parts of your offer are essential for that? 
    • How can you repackage those essential parts as an offer?
  • Look at everything else. And I want you to ask yourself if you are:
    •  trying to justify a price, you don't believe in
    • adding bonus stacks because you think you should
    • copying how the industry has set up an offer

If all you need to deliver the results is 20% of the program, then why are we offering the other 80%? And why are we distracting our clients from success with these bells and whistles with these extras?

Give your clients what's essential and watch their results sore while you feel better in your business.



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