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Structure Your Day For Consistent Success


Hey, Hey, today, I'm going to dive into something that is a mix of getting a business to fit into your life and productivity. I see a lot of people are thinking about what they want their business to feel like. What days do they want to show up what hours they want to work? And then comes the inevitable question. Well, how do I do everything? Like how do I fit everything in? And then we hear eat the frog or, theme days or time blocking. And I want to really just simplify that for you We as entrepreneurs love to do the thing that is our zone of genius. We love to do the actual delivery part of our jobs. We love working with our clients, doing the thing that they've paid us for. We're not so keen, usually on everything else around that, whether that's sales, the social media struggle, some of the admin that comes with it. And so often what can happen is we will sit down at our desk and tackle that big client deliverable. And we'll continue to do that day after day after day until suddenly we look up and there aren't any clients lining up for us and then suddenly the pendulum swings. And now we are all about that sales. How can I book sales calls? How can I get more leads? What can I post on social media? Now I need a YouTube channel. Now I need to be on Pinterest. All the things. And then once we fill out the clients, again, we're back into our delivery zone. That's what makes it feel like a bit of a rollercoaster, but you can see why it's happening. Right? We're sitting down and thinking what's the most important thing I need to do today. And if we're in a sales focus, the most important thing we need to do is find people to buy our stuff. If we're in a delivery focus, the most important thing we need to do is deliver on what people think. Hey, docile. What we want to make sure that we're doing with our day is that we're having a good focus on both bringing new people to our business, as well as delivering on the clients that we have so that we get this consistent flow rather than this rollercoaster. The first thing we're going to do is reach out to our pipeline. We're going to be looking at who's in the pipeline. So they've moved beyond being a prospect. They haven't just given us an email address. They've actually raised their head in some way to show. They have real interest in working with you. You're going to look at who's in that pipeline and how are you moving them towards whatever your sales mechanism is? Is it booking a call? Do they need to have a quick conversation with you? Do they need a checkout link? And we're going to spend the first 15 to 30 minutes of every day doing this. Every time you sit down at your desk, this is the thing you start with. Because if you leave this to the end of the day, you're going to be a bit Mick and that's going to come across in your communication. Also, if we leave it to the end of the day, it's really easy for us to go, Oh, are run out of time. I'll do that tomorrow. And then tomorrow never comes. Most entrepreneurs sales is not our favorite pot. So leaving it to the end, it just gives us an entire day to think of an excuse, not to do it. Once we've dealt with our pipeline, we're going to move on to marketing. And when I say marketing care, I really want you to think about it as relationship marketing. So engagements on social media, reaching out to your network, reaching out to your referral, people thinking about how can you support your affiliates? Really doing some concentrated people, intensive marketing. So both of these two things, talking to our pipeline and doing relationship marketing are things that we tend to shy away from. We would rather plow all of that time and just social media where we're one step removed from the people than actually do the upfront in-person stuff. That is the quickest path to cash for us. The point of sales and marketing is to get you paid, not to have a pretty Instagram. So we're really going to focus on, who's already in my pipeline that might pay me. And then we're going to focus on who might know the next person who pays me. Once we've done all the in-person stuff. So once we'd done the pipeline and that relationship marketing, first thing in the morning, or first thing, when you sit down at your desk, then you can go into delivery. What needs to get done first for your clients? This is the place where you Excel. I do not need to tell you how to do this piece. This is your happy place. after you've done your core business activities of generating money and delivering on what you promised, you can then move on to everything else, whether that's admin, whether that's batching, social media content, et cetera. Now some people will prefer theme days and that's totally fine. The main thing that I want you to take away from this is that the order of your day should be. The cash generating activities and then everything else afterwards. So every single day you should be looking at your pipeline every single day. There should be some elements of relationship marketing every single day. You should be checking if you need to deliver anything to a clients, and then how you theme the rest of the day is your call. I know this is going to feel a little bit uncomfortable at first, but I promise if you sit down and do it as like a couple of Pomodoros, or even if you think, Oh, I can't do this for 30 minutes. Do it for 15. What we want to do is build that consistent habit that you think about bringing money into a business before you start thinking about your happy place before you start into the delivery, so that you lose that roller coaster of like, Oh, I've been delivering and delivering and delivering. And now ups, what this is also going to save you from doing is over promise on a sale because you can see your delivery pipeline. As much as you can see your sales pipeline, they're working together instead of only one, being your focus at a time. If this feels crunchy and uncomfortable to you, don't worry. You are not alone. Everybody feels a bit awkward at first, but if you're just doing a little bit, every single day, that consistency will soon become a habit and you're going to see massive impact in your business as a result.

Get off the rollercoaster ride of either selling your services or delivering on what you sold and replace it with consistent easy action every day.

Key Takeaway

The point of sales and marketing is to get you paid, not to have a pretty Instagram.

In This Episode

  • The rollercoaster of sales and delivery
  • Why you need consistent focus on both every day
  • How to set your day up for consistent success



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