4 signs the idea you love needs work

You sit bolt upright in bed…it’s 3 am.

You’ve finally got it – that million-dollar idea. Frantically you scramble around in the dark trying to find your phone, a piece of paper, heck even a pen to just scribble on your hand would work. Anything as long as you don’t forget this download from the universe or your subconscious.

The next day like the quickstart visionary that you are, you tell your team to drop everything because THIS, this is the solution to everything.

Your team try to mask their despair over the zoom screen. They know all the work it will take to bring this moment of genius to practical fruition.

You get a weird sense of deja vu. 

You’ve been here before. Last time nearly broke your team. Even worse, it really wasn’t a fully formed idea but you let excitement win out.

So the next time you get a dash of late night/in the shower genius, consider these 4 signs that your idea might need so tweaking to get it up and running.

Your idea is too complicated

If you’re anything like me, you love to find the most complex way to do something. It’s a fabulous hiding place for the perfectionist – the more moving parts the better because we get to put off putting out something less than perfect in the disguise of productivity. 

So take a deep breath and ask yourself: is there an easier way to get the same result? KISS – keep it simple sister! It might not be as flashy but it will save your sanity down the road. 

Your team is stretched to capacity

Spare a thought for your team, do they have the hours to do this thing? Will people be working nights and weekends? Is it worth it? Be all Loreal about it! You don’t need me to explain this one – your gut told you as soon as I asked 😉

The risk is bigger than the reward

Is it worth the risk? This is a question entrepreneurs are often afraid to look straight in the eye. If you do this thing, what could go wrong? Are you tackling something controversial? Are you getting into a new complex product? Is it a new service you’re not sure you can deliver? 

If the risk feels too high, this is not an automatic buzzer. There could be a way to reduce the risk – by getting legal advice, new contracts, hiring an experienced specialist to advise you, etc. 

Your bottom's too small…your bottom line that is.

Songs have been written about it, films tell it’s story and a bajillion limiting beliefs are held about it – money, money, money. For ideas, it’s the place most people start and stop their analysis. Seeing that sexy revenue projection can make all reason exit out the nearest window.

But you know better – bring in those extra costs and check out its profits instead. If it doesn’t pay its way, it needs a rethink.

None of these signs are automatic idea squashers 

They highlight a need to go back to the drawing board to see if you can rework before you and your team head down an expensive and exhausting path.



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