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3 Mistakes That Lead To Burnout

Let's talk about building a successful, satisfying, and sustainable business and the three mistakes I see coaches consultants, and service providers making that are keeping them from getting there

If you make these three mistakes a few things are likely to happen

  1. While you might be making money and have the trappings of a successful business, it’s not going to feel like “enough”
  2. Secondly, you’re going to start resenting the time you’re spending on your business because it doesn’t feel like it’s worth what you're sacrificing
  3. And finally, you’re going to land up feeling trapped by the business that was meant to give you all that freedom

Let’s dive in

The first mistake – Using someone else’s business model

Here’s what I mean – you’ve done all the things you’re supposed to do but it’s still not living up Facebook posts and testimonials that first tempted you into starting a business. But you’ve followed the steps and you’re still not at the hero worship levels of the testimonials that convinced you THIS was the thing you needed. It must be you, right? 

Right! But not in the way you’ve been led to believe – it’s not your mindset, blocks or beliefs. It’s just the wrong business model for you!

But if it carries on, you’ll keep blaming yourself and believe their BS and soon any trust you have in your ability to change things for the better will be gone and then you really will have a mindset, block, or belief.

The second mistake – Putting their clients first

From the second you decide to get into business you’re told to work out what skills you have that someone will pay money for so you can pay your bills with your business. And a couple of things happen

  1. You sell whatever you’re good at 
  2. To whoever will buy it 
  3. In whatever format works for them

And by the time you get over the excitement of making your first $$ and realize you’re actually not having that much fun, you’re trapped by the success you’ve built. 

And the longer it carries on and the more trapped you feel by the thing you sell, the less you want to sell it and the less successful it is.

And the third mistake is Being a firefighter instead of a firestarter!

So you’ve built your business backend on app sumo deals and glowing recommendations (with accompanying affiliate links) and are left wondering why it breaks down, new hires seem to leave in frustration. And if it carries on this way, you’ll never have time to think, plan or strategize, you know actually CEO your darn business.

What happens when we don’t fix these problems is that first tickle of annoyance sparks into a fire of frustration that eventually burns you out and burns the business down. 

So before that happens, we want to build a business model that 

  • Focuses on your needs and wants both in and out of the business
  • Lets you love making money because you love what you’re selling
  • Has a backend that supports you by creating time for you to CEO the business (and have time off)

So how do we do that well

First up – we put you first in your business model.

This means finding and leveraging your superpower not your time. And it means steering the business based on goals that work for you, not random zeros you don’t even know how to spend yet.

Then we put you first in your selling.

Instead of looking at what your clients want and providing that we sell your superpower in a way that showcases it and finds the clients who love that. 

And then we build a backend that supports all of that

By finding and cultivating a team with superpowers that complement yours and build out the systems and processes you need for this new model so that you can focus on your high-value activities – delivering your superpower and steering the business.

So let’s recap, there are 3 big mistakes coaches, consultants, and service providers make that are keeping them from having a successful, satisfying AND sustainable business.

  1. Using someone else’s business model
  2. Putting the clients first
  3. Being a firefighter instead of a firestarter!

Instead we want to 

  1. Focus on you and leveraging your superpower
  2. Sell what you love to people who love what you’re selling
  3. Build a backend that supports your superpower by building a team that complements  you and systems to support all of this

It’s about trusting that you know best for your business and that what hasn’t worked in the past was a failure of the model and not you.



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