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Get Curious About Things That Don’t Apply To Your Business


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey, Hey, well, it's the last week of 2021 and this is the last of the replace area. So in the last episode you heard Jesse Baya talk about how to write a book and really think about the framework of that. And I wanted to share this particular episode again for a couple of reasons. One, I know this is the time of year that people start to think about writing a book next year and what that could look like. And sometimes that's met worse. Enthusiastic planning. And sometimes it's met with real concern about like, what do I even have to say in that matter? And I think jesse has such a great way of talking about writing a book that makes it seem so manageable. It's a great listen, if that's on your goal list for next year, But the other reason I wanted to share that particular episode, especially as we go into 2022, is I want to show you how I took what Jesse spoke to me about in that episode and turned it into something that I could use in my business, despite not wanting to write a book, because I think a lot of times when we're listening to. Guest interviews or maybe a summit presentation. We can often go into that. This doesn't apply to me. Right. I don't want to write a book. So this episode doesn't apply to me or we go into it thinking, I want to write a book, I'm going to write down every single word and I'm going to do it exactly this way. And I really want to encourage you as you go into 2022, when you have the opportunity to listen to how someone else's. Format or process or model works in their business, that you take the pieces that are useful to you and put them together in whatever way works for your business. So even though I had no intention of writing a book, I loved Jesse's three by three by three structure. To paraphrase, you would have your one main topic, your three sub-topics, then your three supporting topics, and then three things you could say about each supporting topic, right? There's wonderful kind of waterfall or hierarchy of structure. And for me, even though I don't want to write a book, it gave me such an interesting framework to think about content in. Even if I'm not writing a book, what is the main thing I believe? And how can I break that down into manageable chunks that people can absorb? So it became for me a way to refine my content buckets, so that everything flows together. This particular hierarchy of Jesse's really gives you a structure to make sure everything is connected to each other. So nothing is surprising. Or out of left field. When you start talking to your audience , it fits into the overall framework, supporting your core result or your core belief. But also I find it really useful for. Controlling the squirrels. So if I got really excited about a new topic, you know, I love to listen to podcasts and I read a lot. So there's always new ideas coming at me. And sometimes when I can see how one would fit into what I talk about, I can get really excited about it. I can go down a real rabbit hole and I want to run with it. I want to put it all over my content, by having this framework allows me to have a structure where I can go, does this fit into this framework? Or if we're saying no, it doesn't. This is a second separate thing that I want to do or talk about. Do I have enough to fill this three by three by three framework on those new topics? Do I know enough about that topic yet? Do I need to do more research or is this just a passionate interest of mine on the side that will maybe one day be an interesting social media post, but isn't going to be part of my core content. So it helped me in two different ways, structuring what I already have and evaluating things I wanted to bring in to the business. Now, while that's really useful to me, that is not Jessie's core reason for teaching it, right. Jesse is helping people find their core message and build that out into a book and a really structured. However, her idea has allowed me to bring structure to a slightly different part of my business. And that's what I want to encourage you to do. So when you're listening to a podcast like this one, and somebody is talking through a model or a framework or an idea, I want you to get curious about it. Don't simply discount it as this doesn't apply to me because I don't want. Write a book. Asked yourself if there's a piece of the model that's speaking to you that could somehow fit into your business in a different way. Does the whole process not apply? And if so, why not? What's different in your business. That means that model doesn't work. And how can you develop on that? If you were to apply that someone else's model and your business, how would you need to tweak it for your people? So rather than going into. Listening to a podcast or a masterclass or a summit or reading a book as if you are at school and you have to learn and apply this in some kind of rote manner. I want to encourage you to meet new learning opportunities with curiosity. and customize anything you do learn or bring into your business so that it works for you, your clients and your business. You enjoyed this episode, don't forget to follow the podcast and leave us a review.

That episode or summit talk that seems like it’s not applicable could be a key piece to an unrelated business puzzle.

Key Takeaway

Just because a topic might not apply to your business in general, that does not mean that there is nothing of value for you in the process or model.

In This Episode

  • Why I wanted to replay Jessi’s episode
  • How I’ve used it in my business despite having no plans to write a book
  • My challenge to you for 2022



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