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5 Ways I Use Audio In My Business


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey, Hey. So in the last episode you heard the replay of me speaking with Dr. Lindsay Padilla about the development of hello audio, and that conversation was when hello audio was in its infancy. And when now a year on, and I wanted to tell you how I have used audio practically in my business. The first way of used audio is to really use it in creating standalone freebies, but also in adding audio to other forms of freebies. So in the vault, if you go and have a look, there's the networking mini podcasts, which is all designed around audio as its starting point. At the same time, we have the big book of business boundaries, this is the ebook of all of my guests explaining what they remain boundary is for their business. That's available as a PDF and designed to be an ebook, but there is an audio book option as well, which makes that freebie that much more accessible, but also that much more likely that people are going to listen to it. And I know that one's kind of weird, right? I've taken something out of my podcasts. And put it into a different podcast, but if you're thinking about boundaries, that's a really easy way for you to absorb it without having to go through every single podcast and fast forward until you hit the point where they're talking about their boundaries. So for me, it's made it really easy to think of new freebies, but also to bolster by current freebies. The second way I've used it is to create an audio version of a workshop. So the workshop exists with slides, but I'm not a big person for slides with like a bajillion bullet points. I didn't think that really helps anyone's absorption. I think for me, it's much easier to be able to listen to something on two X speed, go back, find the slide that I'm looking for as I'm when it's convenient for me without having to be at my computer. So adding audio to a paid product, whether that's like a workshop for me, or a course makes it more accessible, I'm more likely to be consumed. Thirdly, continuing the theme of paid products, Oreo is my preferred replay option that I give to my class. so if you do a three hour VIP day with me, if I send you the zoom recording, it's unlikely that you're going to rewatch that conversation. However, if you have it on a podcast with time-tracking, it's really easy for you to scroll through, listen to what you want to listen to, or revisit the entire experience while you're doing other things to refresh points. So my replays live in that space for my VIP day clients. As part of another paid offering the mastermind that I facilitate replays are also provided to the group. And what's great about this is how the audio allows me to share only the recordings. Since the person joined. I've always had a bit of a weird feeling about group programs that allow people to listen to past sessions, where people are talking really openly about their business. But then potentially I have no idea who might hear that in the future. So I really liked it for the mastermind. Only the people who were in that group at that time can listen to that replay, but I'm not required to keep multiple different podcasts, replays going. I don't need to have a separate replay for each individual person. It's really accessible for them to go back and listen to one from a couple of months ago without having to dig through an email trail. So for regular group stuff, audio packs, a real punch from a. Reuse perspective, right? It makes that time, that much more valuable because it is easy to revisit and to pull those nuggets out again, when you need inspiration. And finally, while this is not for my particular business, it is for me in my business. And one of the things that I do with my private podcast feed is I have a private podcast feed for myself. So I'll give you an example one of the courses that I have they're shutting down the course. So they're taking it off the learning platform, right? We've all been there. And so then you download all the videos and then you never ever see them again. Right. What having this private feed has allowed me to do is to pull those recordings, which I'm allowed to listen to. So I have the right to have those downloads, right? I'm not suggesting you plagiarize anyone's content. And I have a private feed that I am the only person with access to. So it's not like I'm sharing this with anyone else, but it allows me to. Access those teachings when I need them in a way that doesn't require me to go and figure out where I save them in a very higgledy-piggledy Google drive. It doesn't require me to be at my desk to absorb it. It allows me to listen and catch up or revisit when I'm on a walk, for example, or while I'm washing dishes or whatever chores I'm doing and allows me to have that value add to my time. So those are the five ways that I'm currently using audio in my business. And I don't see it really slowing down. I feel like I'm just creating more and more feeds For the record. I will also say that if you have a course, it's becoming more and more expected that that is available at an easy to access podcost format. For me, it's one of the things that I will look full before I spend money. If you're thinking about. Offering freebies offering courses have anything with one-to-one clients or group programs that need replaced. I highly recommend you dig into private podcasts feeds and start adding audio into your business. You'll be surprised at how easy and accessible it makes everything. Remember, if you want to grab hello, audio it's Diane forward slash audio. Yes, that is my affiliate link, but I am friends with Lindsay and I would recommend it even if you didn't use my link. And if you want to see examples of this in action, you can go to dot com forward slash volt, and you can see the big book of business boundaries or the networking opt-in as examples.

If you loved the last episode, let me give you some easy practical ways to start adding audio to your business.

Key Takeaway

I highly recommend you start adding audio to your business. You'll be surprised at how easy it is for you and how accessible it makes everything for your clients.

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  • The 5 ways I use audio
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