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Are You A Starter Or A Finisher?


TRANSCRIPT AUTOMATICALLY GENERATED Hey, Hey. So it's the time of year where I like to revisit some of my favorite business books. I always find there are some that I go back to year off the uh, there were some that I read multiple times a year and every time just take away another little nugget and around this kind of planning time, when I'm thinking about what could 2022. Look like I tend to go back to these old favorites and I had to chuckle to myself as I was scrolling through my Kindle library. I noticed that I had two books by the same author, John ACOF, one cold start and one cold finish. And one of the books I have read once and the other, I have read them multiple times. Can you guess which one I've had to read multiple? I am 100% a starter having a new idea, figuring out how it would. All work is incredibly inspiring to me. It's exciting to me. It's how I would spend all of my. The actual practical implementation of that idea, building the funnel, putting the tech in place, thinking about how it's all going to work together. Not as exciting for me now, I can willpower through that stuff because I spent a lot of time in corporate doing stuff that I didn't find thrilling so I can willpower through it, but I'm definitely a star. And I think in entrepreneur land, we usually fall into one of those two camps. We're either great at having a new idea and getting the ball rolling or amazing at getting stuff done. But when we come to this time of year, when my thinking about 20, 22, when we're thinking about what our plans are, we also need to consider whether we're a starter or a finisher. Now, if you're a starter like me coming up with what you want to do in 2022 is probably no problem for you, What we need to add into our planning, we need to think about is what is going to get us to the finish line with one of those ideas, Do we need somebody in our team to keep us accountable or to help us implement? Do we need to publicly declare what it is that we're going to do so that hopefully having to acknowledge publicly that we didn't do something will like shame us into the finishing. Right? There's nothing wrong with having these strategies. It's about knowing yourself and being able to work with it. So if you are starting like me and you have a thousand new ideas for next. I want you to take a step back and ask yourself, how are you gonna make sure these get implemented without relying on willpower? Willpower is a very fickle friend and not always available. So we want to make sure that we've thought through how are we going to deliver on all of these new ideas. If you are a finisher, sometimes in planning, what we can do is look to simply improve upon what we did. In the previous yet. So we're looking at what went really well in 2021, how we might want to change it slightly, how we might want to improve it a little bit and maybe not allowing that full spectrum dreaming moment to happen before planning. Just because you think of 20 new ideas doesn't mean you have to implement all of them, but allowing yourself some space to think about them at first could mean there's an incredible little nugget or opportunity that's waiting for you that you might otherwise miss. The easiest way to do this is to set yourself a timer, whether that's five minutes or 15 minutes or half an hour. Whenever you feel comfortable with decade blank piece of paper and your Sharpies or open up a Google doc, whatever works for you and really ask yourself if my business didn't exist, what would I build? So this is not like, oh, if it all ended tomorrow, how would I build it differently? Not how would you build a different knee? What would you build? And just allow yourself to have even the most insane ideas about what you might want to do in your business without thinking about the, how finishes is a great at figuring out how to get things. Don't worry about the hell. Just allow yourself to think about all the exciting things that you could do in your business or the exciting people that you could work with. What would that look like? If you were starting with a blank slate and you didn't have to worry about how or time or money, and then have your planning session all about the, how are you going to get it done? What can be accomplished? Neither side of this, the starches nor the finishes are better or worse off than the others. We just need to learn to work strategically with how we show up naturally, instead of trying to pretzel ourselves into something that wasn't built for us. So starters need to come up with their plan and then narrow it down based on how they're going to implement for finishes. You need to expand your options for. And then naturally plan for the ones that fit, I really want to know how you get up starters. I want all of your tips, all of the ways that you're going to get yourself to finish something, because I need all of those strategies finishes. I really want to know the biggest idea that you come up with because ideas are the thing that gets me the most excited in the world. So come on over, jumped into my DMS on Instagram. I'm at diet underscore Maya, come on over, let me know, SIM your strategies, show me your ideas. And let's just make 20, 22 the year that we work with ourselves.

Everyone is usually one or the other and your planning for 2022 needs to factor in your preference.

Key Takeaway

Neither a starter nor finisher is better off than the other, we just need to get better at working WITH ourselves

In This Episode

  • Which am I?
  • How to adjust your planning process as a starter
  • What to do before planning as a finisher



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